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Backflow Prevention (toggle)

How to use tips

  • When using a backflow device makes sure it is always the first component on the head assembly. If used with a battery operated timer or controller, the backflow device should be mounted after the controller or timer.
  • Our backflows always have the water inlet as the female side of the threads and include a rubber washer on this side so you do not need to use any Teflon Tape for the water inlet.
  • On the water outlet side you will need to use Teflon tape unless the component it will be attaching to has a rubber washer.
  • Always only *HAND TIGHTEN* these devices!
  • Never use any glue or plumbers putty!
  • When the system starts and stops you may have water leak from one side of the backflow, this is O.K. and is part of how it works. If you experience more flow than this during the initial use try turning on and off the water a few times, this can help the new diaphragm seat correctly.
  • Maximum inlet pressure is 100 PSI.
  • To protect the above ground backflow device from freezing: n Install a drip-tight shut-off valve (ball-valve) below ground on the inlet side of the assembly. Install a shut-off valve with drain (stop and waste valve) just above ground level, it will allow you to drain the pipe ahead of the assembly.