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About disk filters

Disk Filters (2", 3", 4" angle and 3" double):

Disk filters are a cross between a screen filter and a media filter, with many of the advantages of both. Disk filters are good at removing both particulates, like sand, and organic matter. A disk filter consists of a stack of round disks. The face of each disk is covered with various sized small groves. A close up view of the groves reveals that each has a sharp point on the top of it, somewhat like a tiny pyramid. These groves are very small, (typical disk looks a lot like the old vinyl 45 RPM records!) Because of the groves, the filter disks have tiny spaces between them when stacked together. The water is forced between the disks, and the organic particulates are snagged by the sharp points on the groves and filtered out because they won't fit through these groves

For automatic cleaning of the filter the disks are separated from each other, which frees the debris to be flushed out through a flush outlet. For less expensive disk filters you must remove the disks and hose them off.

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