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About retrofit

The Drip Store retrofit systems can be used to convert an existing sprinkler head to a drip system without altering the flow, or other capabilities of the original design. The retrofit drip heads are available in 4, 6 or 12 outlets, and they can be used with individual plant, groups of plants, or as part of any irrigation system. The adapters are available with 1/2" FPT and a 1/4" outlet to be use with pots or hanging baskets. The 1/2" FPT by 3/4" MHT adapter convert 1/2" risers to start a new drip system. Both parts may be installed as part of a new system. To convert from an existing sprinkler, remove the sprinkler head from the riser, screw on the retrofit head of your choice, extend from head to plant with micro tube and secure with a stake.