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About misting

Used for a broad range of applications such as, outdoor cooling, indoors propagation, plants misting, reduction of heat experienced by animals during the summer and more, misting is the process of spraying water to the air through small nozzle orifices at pressures range of 40 to 100 to create very small water droplets that are evaporate, reducing the air temperature. The hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable are the cooling effect.

Make sure to use a 2000mesh filter with your cooling system. If you do have a problem with a mister clogging, the misters can be taken apart and cleaned.

The kits are very easy to assemble. Connect the 3/4" adapter to the water source which, fits on a standard hose fitting connect the 1/4" tubing to the adapter by pushing the 1/4" tubing up into the adapter to make a watertight seal. After connecting the tubing, connect a 1/4" barbed tee every 3' to 4'and add a 4" 1/2" tubing to allowed the misting nozzles to be attached, use a "C" clamp to attach to the structure. The tubing goes over the misting nozzle barb or 10/32 threads and it will provide a watertight seal without any sealant. Before turning on the water make sure flush the hose. Pressurize the system and see that the misting nozzles are working correctly