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Tubing ends


  • Line Ends! What's the big deal?? So, I close off the end of my line!
    Well we have below a few little details about line ends and what else can be placed on the line end that may help you out.

System Line Ends

  • Basically a line end closes off your 1/2" or larger polytube , it's basically plug. But there are many more things which come into play with line ends. Most of these never need to be addressed for normal landscape situations, but they are available to you so we will go through them here.
    NOTE: If your looking to close off a 1/4" microtube line, use one of our Goof Plugs, model SF007.
  • There are two different "styles" of line ends.

    Model A006
    Figure "8" style

    Model LF013
    Compression style

    Installing figure "8"
    hose end

    The first is a simple "Figure 8" hose end our part #A006. This is just two rings attached together. One end slips over the 1/2" polytube and is pushed down about 12". You then "fold" the tube back over (as shown in above picture) and slide the tube end into the other open ring. What this does is to crimp the tube over and by doing so blocks the tube. You may not think this works but beleive us, it works just fine! There is also no problem taking these off and replacing them as often as needed.

  • The second method uses a compression style fitting like our model LF013. This will allow you to open the line end may be a little easier than the "Figure 8" method, but the difference is minimal.
  • The reason for using the second method is the ability to use a few add-ons which can be attached directly to the LF013 to check pressure at the line end. This can be important if you have a very big system and need to check for the correct pressure. You can also see if the pressure is high enough to add on to the existing system. If pressure is low and you need to increase it consider replacing a preset pressure regulator with an adjustable model A021. This will allow you to increase the pressure at the head assembly just enough so the start of the system will have around 30 to 35 PSI and the end to have 20 to 25 PSI. These pressures should all be within the limits of the drip system and allow for slightly larger systems. You need to keep in mind the flow limitations still of the size polytube you use. As we said normal landscaping systems may not need this, but it is handy to know it is available.
  • We also feature model LF054 which is an automatic flush valve. This flush valve acts as a normal line end closure but when the system is first turned on it allows some water to flush out any fine sediment which may have settled in the polytube. It also opens and flushes after the system is turned off. By using these flush valves it can help to increase the life of your system. The LF054 is for the .700 size polytube but larger sizes are also listed.

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