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Testing the system

Once you have flushed your system, and installed all the drippers and microsprinklers, you will need to test to make sure everything is working properly.

All this really involves is turning on the system and walking along it checking that all the connections are leak free, drippers are dripping and microsprinklers are spraying.

To get into it a little more you should first check all the 1/2" polytube fittings and line ends to make sure none leak. Normally the only leak you would see is a dripping or a small spray coming out of the fitting. This can be caused by a nick in the compression end or a nick in the outside of the tubing wall. First try to push in the tubing just a little or on Spin-Loc styles try to reinstall the tube. (After you turn off the water of course)

Now check all the drippers to make sure the barbed connection to any 1/2" polytube or 1/4" microtube is not leaking. Also check the flow coming out of the dripper. Drippers with the same flow rate should have close to the same visible flow coming out. Sometimes on start up, pressure compensating (PC) drippers will spit a little then adjust down to the correct flow. Give this a few minutes to happen because of air in the line. If the drippers give very little flow or much more flow compared to identical models and flow rates try the following: place your finger over the water outlet to seal off the water flow, let the pressure build up for a couple of seconds and then let go. Do this a few times quickly and then see what happens. 99% of the time this will work, all you have done is to help seat the diaphragm inside the dripper.

If drippers leak from connections to 1/2" polytube or 1/4" microtube try making sure the dripper is pushed in all the way. You can also try taking it out and reinserting it. In the worst case you can take it out, seal the old hole and make a new hole for it.

Next check the microsprinklers for flow and coverage. Remember flow will depend on your pressure so this is a variable; it may not always exactly match to rated flow numbers. The only problem with flow should be a plugged sprinkler caused by dirt. This you will have to clean out. If the sprinkler is not spraying perfectly where you want it just move it or aim it a little differently. If you need more help check the troubleshooting section.