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About Sensors

What is a rain sensor?
A rain sensor is a small device mounted in an open area outdoors and wired to controller's sensor connection. Rain sensors are designed to override the cycle of an automatic irrigation system when adequate rainfall has been received.

Do I need a permit to install the rain sensor?
No permit is required to install rain sensors on irrigation systems.

Will a rain sensor affect the irrigation schedule of my controller?
No. The rain sensor merely overrides the cycle until the rain sensor's disks dry out. The irrigation system's timer will then come back online to the regular irrigation schedule. The rain sensor must be set to shut off the system when up to 1/4" of rainfall has occurred.

Who can install rain sensors?
Homeowners or irrigation professionals can install rain sensors. The sensor has a simple setting, which accurately measures rainfall in quantities of 1/8 inch to 1 inch and shuts off the controller. Adjustment ranges for this sensor: Rainfall shutoff at 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or 1 inch, + / - 1/16 inch.

Weather station
The Mini-Weather Station has three different sensor devices in one single convenient unit. The Mini-Click rain sensor shuts sprinklers off in a rainy day and keeps the sprinklers off, automatically compensating for the amount of rainfall that occurred. The Freeze-Click prevents system activation by stopping the flow of water when outdoor temperatures drop near freezing. The Wind-Click shuts off systems during periods of high wind, and then automatically allows for restart when conditions are more favorable. Easy to mount (it attaches to the controller with just two wires) and easy to use, the Mini-Weather Station takes all the guesswork out of when you shouldn't water. The weather station works with any controller with a sensor connection option, both AC and DC. The weather station comes with PVC fitting that allows for two mounting options: it can be screwed or mounted on PVC pipe, or, it can be slipped over any wood beam. Both options help to keep the weather station above ground level and out of the spray of sprinklers, and also help to give the wind sensor "clear air" to get an accurate reading on the win

Weather station shown mounted on 2" PVC pipe. They work with all other controllers