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Controllers and Sensors (toggle)

Basic Controllers and Sensors troubleshooting

Aditional Sensor Troubleshooting and manuals: hunterindustries

Problem Cause Solution
Display indicates irrigation but valve is off
  • Faulty or miss-wired valve
  • Faulty pump or pump relay if used
  • Check valve and valve wiring (and valve common).
  • Check pumps and pump relay. Replace if defective.
Display is blank
  • No AC power and no backup battery installed (or dead battery)
  • Verify AC power and wiring.
Time of day is blinking
  • Unit is initially powered up
  • Extended power outage has occurred and built-in backup period has expired
  • Press any button
  • Reprogram controller
Display reads "SENSOR RAIN OFF"
  • If you are not using a rain sensor: The jumper between the sensor terminal is missing or loose
  • If you are using a rain sensor: the sensor has been activated by moisture or is stuck
  • Reconnect the jumper between the rain sensor terminals of the terminal block
  • Verify operation of rain sensor. Replace if defective (reinstall jumper until new rain sensor is installed)