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Gardens with groundcover, trees, roses, and shrubs

Suggestion of method and products selection for a layout of drip system starting from a faucet, this layout is for a garden with groundcovers, trees, roses and shrubs

  1. Optional to start with battery operated controller (low flow). Model C001. Connect to the faucet
  2. 3/4" FHT backflow device, prevent from water and contamination re-entering the line. Model A015. Connect to the controller or if the controller is not uses, connect to the faucet
  3. 3/4" FHT screen filter with155 mesh, insure clean water to the drip system. Model F300. Connect to the backflow device
  4. 3/4" FHT 25 PSI pressure regulator, to lower the incoming pressure to the ideal working pressure for drip system. Model A013. Connect to the filter
  5. 3/4" FHT swivel adapter, connecting the drip hose the system. Model LF003. Connect to the pressure regulator
  6. 100' 1/2" drip hose model. ModelT003. Connect to the swivel adapter and layout the drip tubing in the garden area and near the plants
  7. 500' 1/2" drip hose. Model T002. If more them 100' needed use the 500'
  8. 100' 1/4" micro tubing uses to extend to plants that are far from the 1/2" drip hose. Model T028. You can use the 1/4" micro tube to extend to the plants that are far-off from the 1/2". If all the plants are next to the path of the 1/2", the 1/4" is not needed
  9. 1/4" barb use to connect the 1/4" micro tubing to the 1/2" drip hose. Model SF001. To connect the 1/4"micro tube to the 1/2" drip hose punch hole in the 1/2" drip hose and insert the barb, then connect the 1/4" micro tubing
    • note on using punches: If you use the punch-to-punch hole in the drip hose very often, then we recommend that the hand punch used needs to be "cleaned" after each punch, to make sure that you will continue to have clean cuts. Use a narrow wire or a pin to push the tubing that has been left inside the punch pin out of the punch
  10. 1/4" tee. Model SF003. Similar to the1/4" barb for two directions
  11. Tees 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" (if needed). Model LF005. Used to split the 1/2" tubing in few direction or for making a loop around a tree, use if needed
  12. 1/2" coupling (if needed). Model LF041. To connect two pieces of 1/2" drip tubing
  13. 1/2" hose ends. Model A006. After you install the 1/2" drip hose, flush the line, then close the end of the 1/2" drip hose and make sure that the system have no leak before installing the drippers or micro sprinklers

To resolve the issue of plants diversity and various plants sizes such as trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials, both options can be utilize Option 1: Using 1-GPH PC dripper with verity of plants size and spacing: The main feature of this option is to allow you to know the total flow rate of the system (option to conserve water), and by adjusting watering time (by location and soil type) you can provide the right amount of water to all the plants in the landscape area.

  1. 1 GPH PC dripper. Model D001, this is the dripper that we recommend fro most installation. Number of dripper per plant suggestion: Plants in close spacing use 1 GPH dripper every 10" to 12" apart, small plant up to 2 feet high spaced few feet apart, use 1 GPH dripper per plant. Plants 2' to 3' high, use 2 drippers 1 GPH per plant spaced 12" apart. Plants 3' to 5' high, use 3 to 4 1-GPH drippers per plant, spaced 12" apart or loop the drip hose around the plant and insert the drippers every 12". Plant 5' to 7' high, use 4 to 6 1-GPH drippers per plant, spaced 12" apart or loop the drip hose around the plant with the dripper

Option 2: Use verity of drippers flow rate (1, 2 and 4 GPH drippers or adjustable) to compensate for plants size, and spacing. The disadvantage with this option is verity of flow rate that will make harder to control the total flow rate

  1. Small plant up to 2 feet high spaced few feet apart, use model D001 1 GPH dripper per plant, plant 2' to 3' high use 1 dripper model D002 2-GPH per plants. Plant 3' to 5' high use 2 drippers, 2 GPH per plant spaced 12" apart. Plant 5' to 7' high use 2 drippers model D078 4-GPH or Model D032 with 2-adjustable drippers per plant spaced 12" apart
  2. Mini sprinkler 20 GPH and 12' diameter, if you have flowerbed in close spacing use this mini sprinkler 5' to 6' apart. Model MSA027. If you have flower beds and you like above watering use this micro sprinkler for up to 10' apart
  3. 1/2" stake (if needed. Model S006. Use to hold the 1/2" drip tubing to the ground. Place every 4' to 6' apart or as needed
  4. 1/4" stake (if needed). Model S003. Use to hold the micro tube with a dripper near the plant or inside the basket or pots
  5. Punch. Model A019. Use the punch to punch hole in the 1/2" drip hose for insertion of the drippers and 1/4" fittings if needed
  6. Plugs (if needed). Model SF007. If have a hole on the 1/2" you can use the plug to close the hole or to close the end of the 1/4" micro tube

With the two options you can program the controller to run around 45 to 1 hour every two days, depending on your location and the soil type. After a week or two check the soil, the health of the plants, and adjust the watering time if needed

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