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Vegetable gardens

Suggestion of method and products selection for a layout of drip tape system starting from a faucet, this layout is for a vegetable garden

This suggestion is for a drip system with one drip line per each vegetable row or if more then one vegetable row, then use one drip line between two vegetable rows

With this system layout the 1/2" drip hose from the faucet to the vegetable garden area, near each vegetable row add a drip tape reducer. To the drip tape reducer, connect the drip tape and run to the length of the vegetable garden. Turn the water and flush the lines, close the end of the lines and make sure that the system working correctly with no leaks

  1. Optional to start with battery operated controller (low flow). Model C001. Connect to the faucet
  2. 3/4" FHT backflow device, prevent from water and contamination re-entering the line. Model A015. Connect to the controller or if the controller is not uses, connect to the faucet
  3. 3/4" FHT screen filter with 155 mesh model F300, insure clean water to the drip system. Connect to the backflow device
  4. 3/4" FHT 15 PSI pressure regulator model A111, use to lower the incoming pressure to the ideal working pressure for drip system. Connect to the filter
  5. 3/4" FHT swivel adapter model LF003. Connecting the drip hose the system. Connect to the pressure regulator
  6. 100' 1/2" drip hose model T003. Connect to the swivel adapter and layout the drip tubing in the garden area and near the plants
  7. 500' 1/2" drip hose model T002. If more them 100' needed use the 500'
  8. Drip tape reducer model A026. Near each row connect the drip tape reducer to the 1/2" drip by punching a hole in the 1/2" and inserting the barb side of the drip tape reducer
    • note on using punches: If you use the punch-to-punch hole in the drip hose very often, then we recommend that the hand punch used needs to be "cleaned" after each punch, to make sure that you will continue to have clean cuts. Use a narrow wire or a pin to push the tubing that has been left inside the punch pin out of the punch
  9. Drip tape with pre inserted dripper every 12" model T013 500' or model T017 100'. To the other side of the reducer connect the drip and run to the length of the vegetable garden
  10. Drip tape end model A027. To the end of the drip tape connect the drip tape end, after the line are flush close the end of the drip tape using the drip tape end line. To connect insert the drip tape over the barb and pull sleeve to lock
  11. 1/2" Hose end model A006. After the end of the drip hose has been flushed, close the end of the 1/2" drip hose using hose end
  12. 1/2" stake (if needed) model S006. Use to hold the 1/2" drip tubing to the ground. Place every 4' to 6' apart or as needed
  13. Punch model A019. Use the punch to punch hole in the 1/2" drip hose for insertion of drip tape connectors
  14. Plugs (if needed) model SF007. If have a hole on the 1/2" you can use the plug to close the hole

With this layout you can program the controller to run around 45 to 1 hour every two to three days, depending on your location and the soil type. After a week or two check the soil, the health of the plants, and adjust the watering time if needed