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Valves and Drip Zone (toggle)

Basic Rules and Suggestions

  • Any male thread which is inserted into another part and dose not have a washer or "O" ring, needs to have a few wraps of Teflon tape applied.
  • Use enough Teflon tape to seal the threads, three wraps are enough for most, but if leaks occur more can be applied. Too much Teflon tape can cause components to crack!
  • Only hand tighten system components! Most components only need to be hand tightened, sometimes a quarter turn applied with a wrench is OK but be careful!
  • Check the water flow direction on all system components. All items that need to be installed in a certain direction will have an arrow molded into or printed onto the body of the part. Look carefully; some can be hard to see. Common parts where direction is important are anti-siphon valve (backflow preventors), pressure regulators, filters and valves.
  • Always have the anti-siphon valve (backflow preventors) as the first component!
  • Always have the pressure regulator after the filter
  • Use a fertilizer applicator *AFTER* the anti-siphon (backflow device)!!
  • Help support the drip zone assembly connected to a hose faucet. Place a brick(s) or cinder block(s) under it to take the weight off the hose faucet.
  • Do not use plumbers putty, paste or anything other than Teflon Tape!!
  • Never use indoors unless drainage is available!!
  • Pressure regulators and anti-siphon valve (backflow device) 'weep holes' can leak during normal operation! A steady stream eminating from either one is abnormal.

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