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About poly drip tubing

Drip irrigation use polyethylene tubing as the main water delivery to the drippers and micro sprinklers, that is the line that is used from the valve to the plants or from the main line to the plants.

There are many nominal sizes of drip tubing that are used for drip irrigation. The Drip Store carries polyethylene tubing in sizes of 1", 3/4" (special order, please call or email us for a quote )and 1/2", the 1/2" available in two dimensional sizes, one with .700 OD and the other with .620 OD (16 mm) as the two different sizes are commonly referred to as "1/2". The fittings for these two are not interchangeable; make sure you use the correct fittings for the size of your tubing. The 3/4" or the 1/2" serves as the main line or a branch line, into which the, drippers, micro sprinklers or 1/4" connectors are inserted. The poly tubing is made from high quality polyethylene, with 2%+ Carbon black for extra resistance to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. All of out tubing have been designed to meet every demand of low volume irrigation from agriculture installation, landscape installations to backyard gardens, and it can be installed above or below the ground.

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