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Drip Emitters (toggle)

About drip emitters

Drippers come in two basic styles, pressure compensating and non-compensating.

Pressure compensating drippers will give the same amount of water flow within a range of pressure (For example a dripper will be rated at 1 GPH between 10 and 55 PSI). Compensating drippers may be a self-flushing during start up and shutdown of the system. This equates to a longer life span and better constant flow during the lifetime of the dripper. These drippers should be used on systems with a very long run of drip tubing, to maximize the amount of drippers on a single drip line, while maintaining an even flow rate from each dripper. They are also better suited to landscape area with elevation differences.

Non-Compensating drippers will give the same amount of flow at lower pressure. In other words, the higher the pressure the more flow the dripper will give. The lower the pressure, the less flow. These drippers cannot self flush and need a filter as the PC drippers. These drippers work well for smaller systems with short run and where no elevation differences occur.