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Drip Emitters (toggle)

Where to use drip emitters

Drip irrigation has a wide range of uses. It is adaptable to different terrain different planting configuration, such as landscape area, vegetable garden, container boxes, patios, vines, shrubs, trees, greenhouses and nurseries

Existing Garden: An above ground drip system, perhaps covered with mulch, alleviates the need to dig a trench and potentially damage existing plants roots

New Landscape: Easy to install, drip irrigation is ideal for new landscape area where plants with similar water requirements maybe grouped together for a better water conservation

Vegetable Gardens: Ideal for row planting, drip irrigation create perfect growing conditions, as well as reducing weeds and pests, is especially important in a vegetable gardens

Windy Locations: Windy day can cause the sprinklers to throw the water far from it location, by using a drip system you apply the water only where and when it needed, creating less plant stress and providing healthier plants and more abundant growth with earlier blooms.

Odd Shaped Area: Where sprinklers are especially inefficient, drip irrigation can provides an ideal solution, eliminating runoff and wasteful spray