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Leit Mounting Accessories

Leit Mounting Accessories

The LEIT-2 solar powered wireless irrigation controller uses a number of mounting configurations to mount the controller. The mounting option includes mounting to a valve box or directly, clipping the LEIT-2 controller into the valve when used above ground.

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Available ModelsPartPrice
30-830 : Green Valve Box Mounting Dome
Green Valve Box Mounting Dome 30-830$8.90 ea.
30-831 : Valve Clip Mounting Attachment with 4 Screws
Valve Clip Mounting Attachment with 4 Screws30-831$6.90 ea.

The LEIT-2 is solar powered wireless irrigation controller powered by a photovoltaic module, which harnesses ambient light energy to generate and store electricity to power the controller. No AC power is needed or batteries used. Unlike other conventional solar panels the LEIT-2 is environmentally friendly in that it is certified lead free and uses light as its power source. The LEIT-2 utilizes a patented technology enabling a smaller and much more efficient photovoltaic cell to be inside a small package without a backup battery. This allows the unit to be ultra-compact and to be mounted directly onto the cover of valve boxes. This feature eliminates the need for long wire runs offering quick and simple installation. The controller is operating using our DC valves only model 305DC-XXX and has a mounting option such as clipping the controller to the valve or directly onto a valve box. The result is an advanced, two-way communication device that offers features over and above standard irrigation controllers.