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Bayonet Assembly and Parts

Bayonet Assembly and Parts

Category: Valve Components

Available ModelsPartPrice
C101 : Bayonet Assembly
Bayonet AssemblyC101$2.56 ea.
C105 : Bayonet Only
Bayonet OnlyC105$2.10 ea.
C103 : Large  in. O in.  Ring for Bayonet  Assembly
Large "O" Ring for Bayonet AssemblyC103$0.33 ea.
C102 : Small  in. O in.  Ring for Bayonet Assembly
Small "O" Ring for Bayonet AssemblyC102$0.28 ea.
C104 : Yellow Puppet for Bayonet Assembly
Yellow Puppet for Bayonet Assembly C104$0.46 ea.

The bayonet assembly is part of the solenoid assembly for the 510 battery operated controller and the 337 valves. The bayonet assembly is attached below the solenoid and has a 3/4” 20 thread.

  • Installation for Bayonet Assembly

    Steps to replace a bayonet assembly or any part of the bayonet assembly on a 3/4", 1”, 1-1/2” or 2” inline valve of the battery operated controller (DIG 510 series):

    1.       Shut off the water supply to the valve.

    2.       Turn on the valve via the manual lever or via the solenoid - first make sure that the valve is not under pressure and then drain the valve.

    3.       Remove the controller from the solenoid and then turn the solenoid counter-clockwise to remove.

    a.       If a new bayonet assembly is needed, remove the old bayonet by turning it counter clockwise (bayonet will "rub" slightly on the flow control base upon removal/installation). After removing it make sure that the small O-ring model C102 located between the bayonet assembly and the valve solenoid thread is on the bottom of the bayonet assembly; if not, see if it is on the valve solenoid thread bottom. If the 0-ring is missing add a new small O-ring, otherwise the valve will never close.

    b.      Inside the bayonet assembly you will see the puppet model C104. If the bayonet assembly is empty, then you need to have a new puppet. The puppet assures that the valve will open and close; if it is missing the valve will stay open. Check the puppet and make sure that the puppet is moving up and down freely and that the yellow plastic housing is on the top.  (If yellow plastic housing is upside down and you can see the puppet spring, then the valve will remain open.) Change the position of the puppet if needed.

    c.       If the solenoid is leaking then the large 0-ring model C103 is missing or damaged. Remove the solenoid by turning it clockwise, and check the O-ring. The O-ring may be inside the bayonet housing or on the outlet side of the solenoid. If needed, replace using the new O-ring model C103.

    4.       After completing the repair or replacement, turn the water on again and test the valve under pressure to make sure no leak occurs, using the manual leaver.