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Professional Gun Punch with Tubing Cutter

Professional Gun Punch with Tubing Cutter

The professional gun punch with drip tubing cutter is a heavy-duty tool with a number of features helpful in the installation of a drip irrigation system. This handy punch can do it all. The main feature of the professional gun punch with tubing cutter is that it can easily punches precise uniform holes in any size of drip irrigation tubing for insertion of drip emitters, micro sprinklers and 1/4" barb fittings. It has an interchangeable pin, and storage that can hold multiple pins in different sizes (comes only with one 3 mm pin). By lifting the white cover a cutter can be used with a pull of the lever with half turn of the micro tubing or tubing to cut 1/4" micro tubing to 1/2" drip tubing. It also can be used to insert ¼” and ½” barbed connectors into the drip tubing more easily with a convenient connector gripper. Constructed of UV-resistant, high impact plastic. This punch removes the residual debris formed as it punches a hole in the drip tubing. We recommend cleaning the punch every 10-20 holes to make sure that the material does not accumulate inside the metal pin. The main advantage of removing the waste material as you punch is to protect the drip emitters from plastic debris that can, over time, plug the drip emitters. Use a paper clip to remove the debris

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A146 : Professional Gun Punch with Tubing Cutter Professional Gun Punch with Tubing CutterA146$28.62 ea.

Punches and drip tubing cutters are common tools used in the layout and installation of a micro irrigation system. The punches come in various sizes and are used to punch holes in the drip tubing for the insertion of drip emitters or 1/4" barbed fittings. The drip tubing cutters are used to cut the drip tubing where needed. Together, the punches and cutters provide the installer with the main tools needed for the installation of a drip irrigation system.

  • UV resistant, high impact plastic
  • Used to punch holes into the drip tubing or to cut the drip or micro tubing