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Triple Bridged, 360° Insect Proof Micro Sprinkler

Triple Bridged, 360° Insect Proof Micro Sprinkler

Category: Micro Sprinklers

Available ModelsPartPrice
MS018 : Triple Bridged Micro Sprinkler on Quick Thread base - 9 GPH Blue Nozzle
Triple Bridged Micro Sprinkler on Quick Thread base - 9 GPH Blue NozzleMS018$0.65 ea.

The Drip Store’s line of spinner type micro sprinklers presents an advanced concept in micro irrigation systems. The triple bride type small size micro sprinkler operates using a mini spinner, which is seated and held on a small housing that includes a vertex design nozzle. When water spins through the vertex it provides the set flow rate to spin the spinner, which throws the water in a full circle to the diameter determined by the flow rate and pressure. The spinner in this type of micro sprinkler closes at the end of the irrigation cycle, preventing insects and spiders from entering the spinner and laying eggs inside the spinner housing. The micro sprinklers can be used in orchards under a small tree canopy, and for groundcover, seed germination and flowerbeds. The micro sprinkler comes with 10/32 thread and may be mounted on one of the poly risers found in the Accessories section.

  • Droplet Size
    • MS018 : Small
  • Flow rate
    • MS018 : 9 GPH (blue nozzle) @ 30 PSI with coverage of 6'
  • Materials
    • MS018 : Polyacetal
  • Pattern
    • MS018 : 360° (with some area blocked by the bridge)
  • Recommended filtration
    • MS018 : 150 mesh
  • Recommended pressure
    • MS018 : 25 to 30 PSI
  • Recommended spacing
    • MS018 : One per tree, or spaced 3 to 5’ apart
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Frame construction without a triple bridge
  • Head closes downwards after operation to prevent dirt and insects from entering the sprinkler (insect proof)
  • Made of durable materials, ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers
  • Strong spinner propulsion at low pressure
    • Installation for MS018

      To install the micro sprinklers, use with some type of assembly that should include a spike, micro tubing or poly riser. To install, first thread the micro sprinkler to the micro tubing or poly tubing. If using a clip stake insert the clip stake into the ground about 2-4”, then punch a hole into the side of the drip tubing using a punch, and then insert the barb on the micro tubing or poly riser into the drip tubing and clip the assembly to the clip stake. See the Accessories section for stakes and micro tubing.