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Ro-Drip Tape

Ro-Drip Tape

Category: Ro-Drip Tape

Available ModelsPartPrice
T016 : 8 Mil, 8” Spacing Ro-Drip Drip Tape, 7500’
8 Mil, 8” Spacing Ro-Drip Drip Tape, 7500’ T016$270.55 ea.

The Ro-Drip tape from John Deere Water provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for subsurface and above ground installation of drip irrigation in row and vegetable crops. The Ro-Drip is specifically engineered drip tape that delivers a uniform flow rate from each outlet along the drip tape line, with high resistance to blockage by small particles.

  • Bending radius
    • T015, T016 : 3"
  • Drip tape outlets
    • T015, T016 : 8" spacing
  • Drip tape well thickness:
    • T015, T016 : 8 mil
  • Flow rate
    • T015, T016 : 46 GPH per 100 feet at 10 PSI with a maximum run of up to 500’ with 0% slope
  • Recommended filtration
    • T015, T016 : minimum of 150 mesh (110 microns)
  • Recommended pressure
    • T015, T016 : 8-10 PSI
  • Expanding flow channel feature creates a truly remarkable "second line of defense" against plugging during high-contaminant conditions. The flow channel can actually expand to purge an obstruction and restore flow.
  • Precision molded channel ensures large uniform channels. Each contour is designed and molded to eliminate variability and deliver uniform flow rates. Other drip tapes simply can't match this level of performance run after run.
  • Vortex turbulent flow design keeps particles suspended and moving through every corner, twist, and turn of the flow channel. With no place to rest, particles are flushed out continuously, before they build into real problems.
    • Installation for Ro-Drip Tape
      1. Place the tape laterals.

      a.      Option 1: Mount the drip tape spool on a stand at the end of the row, tie the stand to the ground and pull the drip tape close to the ground.

      b.      Option 2:Hold the end of the drip tape at the start of the row and walk holding the spool, placing the drip tape to the ground.

      1. Connect the drip tape to the main lateral and leave the end of each drip tape open.
      2. Flush the system and close the end of the drip tape using the drip tape ends.
      3. Turn the system on and make sure that there are no leaks from the fittings or in the drip zone area.
      4. Start irrigation.

      Drip tape installation for vegetable gardens:
      Drip tape can be installed easily either above or below the ground. It is designed mainly for use in vegetable gardens or for a narrow row of vegetation or other row crops.
      Most often, a vegetable garden is planted in parallel rows. This makes the layout of your drip tape very easy.

      Run a single main line of 1/2 or 3/4" drip hose perpendicular to and along one end of the rows and insert a tape reducer into the drip hose at the center of each row of up to 2' in width. Then run the drip tape down each row.

      Note:The Drip Store’s drip tape fittings work with the Ro-Drip tape.