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Multi-Outlet & Mechanical Hose End Timers

Multi-Outlet & Mechanical Hose End Timers

The Drip Store’s line of multi-port outdoor hose faucet timers are ideal for any watering system that needs more than one automated hose outlet. These timers have a wide range of features and they use two AA batteries. The mechanical model offers timed watering which does not require batteries. Orbit brand irrigation timers boast a large LCD display and easy-to-read programming dial, and all are covered by the manufacturer's 6 year limited warranty.

Category: Hose End Timers

Available ModelsPartPrice
C200 : Orbit Two-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer
Orbit Two-Outlet Hose Faucet TimerC200$43.87 ea.
C205 : Orbit Three-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer Orbit Three-Outlet Hose Faucet TimerC205$65.89 ea.
C207 : Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer by Orbit (62034)
Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer by Orbit (62034)C207$12.87 ea.

  • 3/4" FHT thread
    • Durable
      • Maximum flow rate
        • C205 : 6 GPM
        • C200 : Total flow rate: up to 6 GPM
      • Maximum incoming operating pressure
        • C207, C210 : 80 PSI
      • Operating pressure
        • C205 : 10 to 100 PSI.
        • C200 : 25 PSI
        • C200 : up to 100 PSI.
      • Temperature range
        • C200, C205 : Up to 120 F
      • Warranty
        • 7 day programming schedule or 1-30 day intervals
        • Automatic and manual operation
        • Ease of Installation
          • C200, C205 : The system can be installed without special tools or glue, and with limited knowledge, making the installation a very simple process.
        • Frequency choices of minutes, hours and days
        • Functions day and night in any weather and most outdoor locations, no direct sunlight required
        • Manual on/off where the timer can remain "open" until manually turned off
        • Non-corrosive and durable weather resistant material, to withstand the toughest elements
        • Timed watering up to 120 minutes
        • Up to 80 PSI maximum inlet pressure (works with low pressure)