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Netafim Cool Net 4 Nozzle Fogger, 8.1 GPH

Netafim Cool Net 4 Nozzle Fogger, 8.1 GPH
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The 8.1 GPH four-way fogger from Netafim is used for cooling and humidifying in an inverted position. Used for greenhouse applications and operating in an inverted position, the four-way foggers provide maximum performance using micro-sized droplets under normal operating pressure. In combination with the anti-drip assembly device, the fogger prevents dripping at the end of the cycle while the lateral lines are under pressure, saving water and fertilizer that would otherwise be wasted as water drains the line.

Part #: G200
$5.04 ea.

Using low flow foggers is an extremely efficient method of controlling greenhouse conditions, such as to increase humidity or cooling. The very small droplet foggers are perfect for creating the ideal micro-climate conditions inside the greenhouse.

Most fogging systems require high pressures, often up to 1,000 PSI, and are very expansive to install. The foggers we provide are affordable and designed to function at operating pressures of 50 to 70 PSI.

Our line of oggers use 200 mesh filter and will suffer less wear and tear at the lower PSI requirements, will have fewer nozzles to replace and will last longer. To prevent wetting, use the fogger in a short cycle and avoid fogging against a roof or other structure to prevent dripping. The foggers can significantly reduce the temperature inside greenhouse and can maintain ideal temperature and humidity level.

  • Droplet Size: 40 to 100 microns depending on pressure
  • Filter requirement: 200 mesh
  • Nominal operating pressure : 30 PSI