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5" Citrus Fruit Clipper, Zenport model H320L

5 in.  Citrus Fruit Clipper, Zenport model H320L Zenport model H320L
Citrus Fruit Clipper

This citrus clipper model from Zenport Industries is made of forged stainless steel and used by citrus growers for harvesting fruit such as oranges and apples. This citrus clipper tool is designed for rapid, high volume harvesting of oranges and is also used by growers for harvesting Fuji apples. The citrus clipper has an anvil cutting action with the two sharp blades cutting against each others faces, as opposed to a bypass cut where the two blades of a scissors cut past each other.

Part #: TL120

This citrus clipper has a rounded tip to ensure that the skin of the fruit is not unintentionally damaged during the harvesting. The leather strap attached to the clipper allow the picker to attach the tool to his finger instead of putting the clipper down after harvesting each fruit.
The clipper's blade design is shaped in such a way that the stem remaining after cutting the fruit will be as short as possible. The clipping motion is such that the blade fits into the stem close to the fruit skin, cutting the stem off as close to the fruit as possible. The shorter the remaining stem, the less damage to the other harvested fruits during the harvesting and packing process.

• Designed for high-volume orange, grapefruit and apple harvesting
• Rounded tips help prevent fruit damage during the harvesting and packing process
• Ground cutting edges and balanced spring design for fast and precise action

Length: 5 inches
Weight: 4 ounces
Leather strap included