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3/4" FNPTx MNPT 2 Wire, DC Single Zone Drip Assembly

3/4 in.  FNPTx MNPT 2 Wire, DC Single Zone Drip Assembly
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DIG Corporation single zone drip assembly uses with 710 and 740 battery operated controllers and LEIT 2 systems. The 3/4" Drip Zone Assembly is a complete, pre-assembled unit which include 9 VAC solenoid use with DIG Corporation battery operated controllers and LEIT 2 products, high flow/high capacity filter, and a 30 PSI preset pressure regulator, designed for drip irrigation or low volume irrigation installations with a flow rate of up to 13 GPM. Use with models C040 through C046 or LEIT 2. Start a drip system layout by connecting the drip zone kit to a PVC pipe thread and then to your drip system for above the ground installation or inside an irrigation box.

Part #: VA040
$49.90 ea.

· Completely assembled and ready to install
· Compact design meets all specification requirements for a smaller valve box
· Valve includes a 9 VAC solenoid with flow control and manual bleed
· Valve is designed with a single piece diaphragm assembly for slow closing
· Easy in-line maintenance
· Large capacity filter with 155 mesh screen
· Heavy duty preset pressure regulator
· Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions

3/4" FNPT inlet x 3/4" MNPT outlet
Downstream regulating pressure: 30 PSI
Recommended flow rate range: 0.10-13 GPM
Polypropylene screen: 155 mesh
Filtration area: 28.5 square inches
Operating pressure: up to 120 PSI
Temperature range: up to 130°F
Unit weight: 1.35 Lbs.
Dimensions: 11 1/4” L x 3” W x 10” H

Drip Zone Assembly Components
¾” FNPT valve flow rate: 0.10 to 35 GPM
¾” MNPT filter flow rate: 0 to 18 GPM
¾” FNPT x MNPT pressure regulator flow rate: 0.20 to 15 GPM
Suggested total flow rate: Up to 13 GPM