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Compression Tee .620 OD x.620 OD x .700 OD

Compression Tee .620 OD x.620 OD x .700 OD
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The 1/2" reducing tee is used to join together a drip hose with different outside diameters (.620 Green to .700 Black)

Part #: SP128
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The Drip Store’s compression fittings from DIG Corporation are constructed of molded ultraviolet-resistant high impact plastic and are available to fit most sizes of drip tubing and drip line from 1/2” to 5/8". Our compression drip fittings are available with 3/4” female threads or 3/4” male thread inlet and come in a wide range of configurations to meet all applications of drip irrigation systems.

The Drip Store's 1/2" compression fittings with .620 OD (green insert) are used in the installation of a drip irrigation system that uses .620 OD to .640 OD drip tubing and drip line.
To connect the drip tubing into the compression fitting, insert the .620 OD to .640 OD drip tubing into the compression side of the fitting, pushing and wiggling the tubing back and forth into the fitting. The 1/2" compression fitting side uses a simple wrist action and the drip tubing is "walked" into the fittings for a very tight fit, ensuring a quality watertight connection. No tools, glue or clamps are required.

Suggestion in connecting the 1/2" compression drip fittings. To install the 1/2" compression fittings, cut the drip tubing with a hand pruner, being careful to keep dirt from entering the line. Hold the compression fitting in one hand and the drip tubing in the other and force the drip tubing into the fitting by wiggling it from side to side. Make sure that the drip tubing is pushed into the compression fitting for about 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch for a very tight fit. No glue or clamps are required.

* Color: Green
* Materials: Body: ABS, Inserts: Polycarbonate
* Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
* Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI

* Color coded
* Fits all DIG 1/2" polyethylene tubing with .620 OD, .640 OD and 16 mm drip line
* Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
* Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps

DIG Model 24-009