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The OCEAN BREEZE® misting kit from DIG Corporation for horses and other large animals.

The OCEAN BREEZE® misting kit from DIG Corporation for horses and other large animals.
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Evaporative misting system is perfect to cool your horses or other large farm aniamls. Almost instant evaporation eliminates muddy areas in the stalls or animal shelters.

Part #: PB750
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The OCEAN BREEZE® PB750 cooling kit from DIG Corporation contains 50’ of 3/8” beige poly pipe and 10 .8 GPH foggers. In addition, the kit includes a wide range of components needed to install a cooling system for your animals. This misting kit can accommodate expansion up to 400SF, using additional misting foggers and poly pipe. For the best cooling effect install the fogger heads every 3’ and 8-12’ above the ground.

Low-flow foggers are used for cooling of animals, people or plants. With a low flow rate of .8 GPH and with micro sized droplets the cooling and humidifying effect can be maximized with a drop of up to 20-degrees. The misting nozzle operating pressure ranges from 40 PSI to 80 PSI. Positioning the foggers 8' to 12' above the ground, with 3' to 4' spacing, will achieve a significant reduction of temperature - inside or outside a structure.

• 10 – Easy-to-clean Misting Nozzles
• 50 ft. – 3/8 beige poly pipe
• 1 – Faucet connector
• 1 – Screen
• 15 – “C” Clamps
• 1 – Straight connector
• 1 – Line end
• 1 – Punch
• Complete Instructions

The OCEAN BREEZE® model PB750 Cooling system is a complete kit that has all the parts needed to install a cooling systemfrom a hose faucet (spigot).

  • Maximum incoming operating pressure: 80 PSI
  • Nominal Flow: 50 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 40 to 60 PSI
  • Total system flow rate: 8 GPH
  • Can significantly reduce air temperature
  • Easily expandable
  • Healthier environment for your animals

Installation for MI050 & PB750


Starting the system from a faucet:

  1. Connect the 3/4" FHT swivel adapter (model MI024) to the faucet and to the swivel adapter compression side connect the poly pipe by wiggling and forcing the poly pipe in, then lay out around the patio or pool area.
  2. Use a 3/8” coupling (model MI020) to connect additional 3/8” poly tubing or for repair.
  3. Turn the water on and flush the line, and then close the end of the 3/8” poly tubing using end cap (model MI023).
  4. Raise the poly pipe and attaches it around the patio frame using the 3/8” C" Clamp (model MI025-05).
  5. Use the punch (model A019) to punch hole in the 3/8” poly pipe every 3-4’ at 120- degree and insert the fogger (model MI001) into the poly pipe.

See installation instructions inside the kit box for details.

Best cooling method:By turning the water on when the temperature is very hot and dry the Ocean Breeze Evaporative Cooling system can dramatically reduce the air temperature and at the same time increase the moisture content in the surrounding air. The hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable the cooling effect. For best results add a battery operated controller.