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LEIT1 Controller with actuator conversion kit for manual anti-siphon valve

LEIT1 Controller with actuator conversion kit for manual anti-siphon valve
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For automated solar power conversion of 3/4" and 1" Manual Anti-siphon Valves

The LEIT 1™ controller is a one-station ambient light (solar) powered irrigation controller with a 3/4" actuator and rain sensor connection. The LEIT 1™ controller with actuator can automate a 3/4" or 1" brass and plastic manual anti-siphon valve. The controller has all the parts to converts Champion brass, Obit brass, Rain Bird and Orbit plastic anti-siphon valve to automatic operation.

Part #: LEIT1-MAV
$72.87 ea.

The LEIT 1™ solar powered smart controller with 3/4" actuator uses features that include five start times per day, cycle durations up to 5 hours and 59 minutes, Manual Run, Rain Off with restart in up to 99 days and Monthly Budget.

The controller also has additional features that include Daily Water Restriction if required by cites and municipalities, Irrigation Off for any month of the year and System Off.

The LEIT 1™’s main features include twenty preset programs of historical Evapotranspiration (ET) for spray and drip irrigation that can be used as part of the controller programming with editing feature.

Combining one of the historical Evapotranspiration preset programs and a rain sensor can help seasonally adjust or prevent unnecessary watering and save water. After installation, no further visits to the controller are required.

  • City of Los Angeles and Canadian Standards Association listing approved :
  • Listed compliances: I.A.P.M.O and A.S.S.E:
  • Materials: Actuator body: glass reinforced nylon
  • Power supply: ambient light powered by internal photovoltaic module with microelectronic energy management system:
  • Seven keypad buttons with integrated liquid crystal display:
  • Temperature range: Up to 140°F
  • 20 preset historical ET programs with 10 for drip irrigation and 10 for sprinklers.
  • Activates only on selected days of the week, or even, odd days or up to 30 days.
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Built from tough, rugged material - resistant to harsh environmental conditions; completely waterproof, complies with IP68 requirements
  • Easy to read AM/PM clock
  • Indicates the approximate charge (energy available).
  • Operates drip or sprinkler systems
  • Power saving LCD display - not used for 15 minutes the display goes into sleep mode
  • Up to five start times per day for the preset duration.
  • With rain sensor connection