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ADD-IT Fertilizer Injector, 1 1/2 Quart

ADD-IT Fertilizer Injector, 1 1/2 Quart
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Add-It fertilizer injector is used for applying the optimum rate of soluble, solution fertilizer or additive through your drip system directly to the plants. Simply let Add-It do all the work for you!

Part #: A060
$81.96 ea.

Applying a fertilizer today is not the labor-intensive task it used to be. If you have a drip irrigation system, you no longer can apply dry fertilizer and expect it to be leached into the soil by overhead watering, where the roots can absorb it. With a drip irrigation system, the fertilizer has to be in a solution forms and mixed with water as it’s applied to the plants. This is method known as fertigation. Add-It is preset fertilizer applicator apply the optimum rate of fertilizer or additive that can benefit the plants on your drip irrigation system, or hose-end sprinkler.

Now you can fertilize without cumbersome spreaders. Simply let Add-It do all the work for you! Add-It can be attached to any garden valve or hose bib. Add-It comes complete with an atmospheric vacuum breaker that attaches directly to the hose bib, and a fill funnel. Add-It will save you time and money.

Best of all, you can use your favorite totally water-soluble granular fertilizer such as Scotts Miracle Gro® or Peters Professional®, Bandini Pro Choice®, or Grow More®. You may also want to consider dispensing a wetting agent (surfactant) like Grow More E-Z Wet Soil Penetrant 26® to help breakup compacted soils, compost tea to increase micro-organisms in the soil, micro-nutrients or Vitamin Institute’s SUPERthrive™ containing vitamins and hormones for healthier plants, or vitamin B-1 when transplanting trees and shrubs.

Keep in mind, Add-It is not like many of the other fertilizer injectors or applicators on the market today. Add-It is totally proportioning, therefore the injection rate is the same from beginning to end. Through a unique hydraulic design using the kinetic energy of the water flowing through the Add-It, a small amount of water is diverted into the tank, and an equal amount of fertilizer and/or additive is forced back out into the flow of water. It’s amazing, simple and effective. The Add-It Proportioning Fertilizer Injector and Foliage Feeder is extremely easy to install and simple to operate!

Add-It® make fertilizing easy! The injectors have been designed for use with either drip or sub-surface irrigation, or with conventional sprinkler irrigation systems, and will save both time and money. They are of particular benefit to those who use drip and sub-surface irrigation, because an injector is the only means of fertilizing easily, efficiently and economically. If utilizing a drip irrigation system in order to conserve water as well as save time, no longer can you broadcast dry granular fertilizer to the soil surface and expect it to be leached into the soil where the plants roots can pick-up the nutrients. Therefore, the fertilizer must be dispensed directly through the drip irrigation system.

The primary advantage of Add-It®, other than its ease of use, is the fact that there is no pressure loss and there are no moving parts to wear out. With the many capacities and configurations Add-It® is available, it’s easy to understand why there are so many applications in the agricultural, commercial, golf course and residential areas where they can be utilized!

Instructions for Add-It Fertilizer Injector

To initially fill the injector:

  1. Remove the top fill cap.
  2. Insert a fill funnel into the opening and pour in liquid solution (only pour liquids into the injector!).
  3. Fill the unit completely. Replace the cap and the injector is ready for operation.
  4. Turn on the irrigation system. 

Note: Only connect this injector to a standard garden spigot with adequate clearance for canister to remain upright with fill cap facing up.  If the unit is installed into a faucet a backflow device is recommended.

PDF available here for “manuals” tab link:

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