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Assembled Irrigation Control Unit with Four 3/4" MPT Valves, 24 VAC solenoids

Assembled Irrigation Control Unit with Four 3/4 in.  MPT Valves, 24 VAC solenoids
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The "eZyvalve four" by Antelco is a compact, pre-assembled valve box with 4 solenoid control valves. Use with a 24Vac irrigation controller and reduce installation time -- provides a trouble free way to distribute water on a medium-to-large irrigation system.

Part #: VA070
$114.67 ea.

eZyvalve®4 is a compact valve box with four internal solenoid valves operated by 24 volt A/C controllers. Installation is uncomplicated and eZyvalve®4 provides a trouble free way to distribute water in a micro irrigation system.

- Pre-assembled with no internal pipe connections
- High strength UV stabilized materials
- Includes cable seal and wire connectors
- Water, dust and pest resistant
- Textured non slip lid with o-ring seal & stainless steel screws•
- 3/4” NPT male threaded inlet and outlet connections

Operating Specifications
- Flow: 3 gpm to 8 gpm
- Pressure: 5 psi to 180 psi
- Ambient Temperature: 35°F to 140°F
- Electrical: 24Vac, inrush current 291 mA, holding current 237 mA @ 60 Hz

Landscape, home gardens, greenhouses and nurseries. Above or below ground installation.

eZyvalve 4 Instructions


Please use below link and understand instructions fully before beginning installation of your eZyvalve®4.

- The eZyvalve®4 must be connected to a 24Vac irrigation controller. eZyvalve®4 is suitable for use in damp, wet and rainy conditions. eZyvalve®4 is not to be used for continuously submerged applications.

- When designing your irrigation system, refer to your local building codes for plumbing and electrical requirements.

- If the water supply is non-potable, you may need filtration. Contact your local irrigation contractor / supplier for further advice.

- Flushing the mains before connection and the irrigation lines after connection minimizes the risk of small particles in the water affecting the performance of the valves and downstream micro irrigation components.

- In freezing climates, winterization is needed

Link to Antelco installation insructions: