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Heavy-Duty PVC Ball Valve with Union , 3/4"

Heavy-Duty PVC Ball Valve  with Union , 3/4 in.   3/4 in.
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Heavy-duty, high quality, PVC ball valves with EPDM seals for watertight operation. All metal parts are isolated from the water flow, providing for highly corrosion-resistant operation.

Part #: A144
$10.09 ea.

Designed for commercial and residential application the 1/2” – 1-1/2” heavy duty ball valves are made to operate as a back up to AC or DC valves, as manual valves for your irrigation system or as a shut-off for downstream or upstream repairs. Double union design permits in-line maintenance without disconnecting from the pipe. Made of PVC and other non-corrosive materials, this series of ball valves is designed for reliability of operation in a variety of applications.

  • Available: 1/2", 3/4" 1" and 1-1/2” with union FNPT inlet and outlet
  • Inlet and outlet :
  • Operating pressure: up to 120 PSI
  • Recommended pressure: Up to 90 PSI
  • Temperature range: Up to 170 F (76.7 C)
  • Constructed of glass PVC with EPDM seals for corrosion resistance operation
  • Double union inlet and outlet design for easy in-line maintenance
  • Heavy-duty, large diameter handle eliminates stem breaks
  • High flow with low pressure loss
  • Low-torque handle
  • Rugged, with reinforced and supported self-cleaning diaphragm that provides reliable operation even with dirty water
  • Smooth opening and closing eliminates pressure loss
  • True union design