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Four Outlet Press-Fit Adapter

Four Outlet Press-Fit Adapter
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Part #: GB-40U
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The four-outlet press-fit adapter model GB-40U is used with the BG series PC drip emitters, 1/8” micro tubing and stake. The press-fit adapters are available in single, double and four outlets.

The adapter is inserted and pressed into the top of the PC drip emitters. The 1/8" micro tubing is threaded or pushed over each of the four outlets and a stake is used to support each length of micro tubing from each outlet. The stake also restricts the flow from the micro tubing, thereby insuring equal flow from each outlet.

By: kipvandam, 11/13/11

Decent fit and finish. Two things to know: (1) the 1/8 tubing THREADS onto the fitting, which is a nice but easy to miss feature; and (2) these must be used with a stake (I like the GD-000) that fits into the plant-end of the tubing because without some back pressure the four ends will not all drip, this should be more clearly stated in the description.

The Drip Store ~ response by: Davidl, 11/29/11

We change the information and provided more details


The Drip Store

  • Available in single, double and four outlets
  • Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers for long-lived trouble free operation
  • Used with .118 ID micro tubing with .118 ID