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18 GPH Inverted Micro Sprinkler w/ 12” Micro Tubing and Weight Assembly

18 GPH Inverted Micro Sprinkler w/ 12” Micro Tubing and Weight Assembly
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For irrigation, germination or propagation and used in an inverted position, the low flow application rate micro sprayer is a complete assembled unit that includes an 18 GPH micro sprayer with black nozzle, anti leak device, 12” micro tubing, weight and barb. Designed to irrigate or propagate in greenhouse benches and beds in inverted position, these units provide the added benefit of keeping the benches clear of lateral pipes and prevent damage to the micro sprayers by any machinery being used. The completely assembled unit includes an anti-leak device that prevents dripping at the end of the irrigation cycle and keeps the lateral lines under pressure at all times, saving water and fertilizer that would otherwise be wasted as water drains the line.

Part #: GD518-12
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Micro sprinklers hanging upside down from the ceiling are a concept that offers a very efficient way to water and can be designed for almost any bench width. This inverted, hanging method of watering prevents wetting the supply line, which when soaked can cause drip damage to the plant below. The anti-leak device prevents the micro sprinkler from draining the supply line at the end of the irrigation cycle. Another feature of inverted micro sprinklers is that a stabilizer weight maintains the sprinkler in perfect position relative to the bench. In addition, there are no micro sprinkler heads to trip over, providing a safer and more efficient working environment.
In this category we have selected two models of micro sprinklers from two manufactures with four flow rates and two configurations.
The micro sprayers provided by The Drip Store are suitable for all applications in the irrigation of seedlings, germination and propagation in benches or for row plantings in greenhouses applications. Used in an upright position with low application rate, the 360-degree micro sprayers have excellent uniformity under a wide range of pressures using a triangular or rectangular spacing layout.

By: Dlimenko, 05/02/13

This is a pretty solid product, except for one glaring issue. ....the outer edges of area covered receive SIGNIFICANTLY less water.

You can set up the sprinklers to overlap, which is fine for the plants in the center of your row. But the plants on the outer edges of your row, where a single sprinkler provides the water, will suffer.

It's the nature of all sprinklers. Physics is a b*tch. I was just hoping someone might have come up with a design which might compensate for these shortcomings.


After setting up another irrigation line and placing the sprinklers two feet closer to one another, I can say that I'm very pleased with the coverage. We're working on a limited amount of water pressure, so every advertised specification is crucial.

We have another 30 feet to go to complete this last line. Let's hope that the performance holds up.

  • Anti-leak closing pressure: 10 to 12 PSI
  • Anti-leak penning pressure: 16 to 22 PSI
  • Available with two flow rates: Black nozzle: 18 GPH with up to 9’ diameter @ 30 PSI, Brown nozzle: 42 GPH with up to 12’ diameter @ 30 PSI
  • Bench width layout: Black nozzle 10' to 14' apart , Brown nozzle 14' to 20' apart
  • Droplet Size: Medium
  • Filter requirement: 120 mesh (130 micron)
  • Mounting: stabilizer weight, anti-leak device, 12" or 24" micro tube and barb
  • Nominal Flow: 30 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 35 PSI
  • Operating Pressure in Overlapping Irrigation: 35 PSI
  • Pattern: 360°
  • Recommended layout : 2' to 6' above the bench
  • Recommended spacing: Black nozzle 10' to 14' apart , Brown nozzle 16' to 20' apart
  • Trajectory Angle: Approximately -5°
  • Wetting diameter : up to 32’
  • Color coded specially designed nozzle with backup filter
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Firm compact construction without a bridge gives a complete 360° circle
  • Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers for long-lived trouble free operation
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of interchangeable components
  • Nozzle has a small backup filter for protection against penetration of dirt
  • Prevent damage to sensitive plants caused by the dripping at the end of irrigation cycle
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure

Installation for Greenhouses and Nurseries

For detailed information and installation instructions see our Micro Irrigation for Professional Greenhouses and NurseriesTutorial for Greenhouses section.