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18 GPH Micro-Sprinklers on 1/2" Female Base

18 GPH Micro-Sprinklers on 1/2 in.  Female Base
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The Drip Store’s 18 GPH @ 30 PSI micro sprinklers with 23’ diameter are used in an upright position in nursery benches. The recommended spacing and layout for these low application rate micro-sprinklers with 360-degree insect proof spinner is around 8’ to 12’ between the micro sprinklers and 12’ to 14’ between the rows. This micro sprinkler is suitable for all applications in the irrigation of seedlings and germination in benches or rows for nursery applications.

Part #: GD618-0
$1.29 ea.

Used in nursery applications and for residential gardens, The Drip Store’s line of micro sprinklers with 1/2" base are simple to install, have efficient uniformity and are very versatile for all applications in the irrigation and germination of bench plantings. Our line of micro sprinklers meets all growers’ and users’ needs with a wide selection of interchangeable nozzles and spinners used for upright positions.
Using impact sprinklers for nursery benches can produce poor uniformity by throwing away excessive amounts of water in closed areas due to nozzle size and uniformity limitations. High distribution uniformity micro-sprinklers with perfect spinner balance and control of key variables such as pressure and spacing can provide excellent distribution uniformity. High uniformity systems with micro-sprinkler to micro-sprinkler uniformity are specifically designed for a full range of bedding plant applications.
When low volume overhead irrigation is desired for an area where drip emitters are not practical, the micro-sprinklers can throw the water over a wide area and can be used to water with higher efficiency for seedlings, germination and flowerbeds in greenhouses and nurseries. The micro-sprinkler droplets size ranges from small to large droplets and the micro-sprinklers may have a low flow application rate. One of the main features of the micro-sprinkler is that it can prevent plant stress by maintaining low water tension in the soil, using a low flow application rate. An additional feature of a micro-sprinkler system is the range of application rates. Using micro-sprinklers, application rates can vary widely from 0.05 inches/hour and up. Because there is a direct relationship between application rate and irrigation duration, there can also be a range in the duration of an irrigation cycle. For example, 8 minutes is required to apply 0.4 inches of water with an application rate of 3 inches/hour, while 8 hours is needed to apply the same amount at a rate of 0.05 inches/hour. This range of rates is readily available using micro-sprinklers.

  • Available: with 1/2" male or female base
  • Diameter of Coverage: 23' to 32'
  • Flow rate: 18 GPH, black nozzle without a bridge
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Recommended pressure: 30 PSI
  • Bench width layout black nozzle 8' to 12' apart
  • Flow rate 18 GPH (black nozzle) can cover up to 23'
  • Recommended layout: 12" above the bench
  • Recommended micro-sprinkler spacing black nozzle 8' to 12' apart

Installation for Micro-Sprinklers

Suggested Installation is 12 above ground using 1/2" risers in rectangular spacing.