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19 GPH Inverted Micro Sprinkler w/ 12” Micro Tubing and Weight Assembly Part

19 GPH Inverted Micro Sprinkler w/ 12” Micro Tubing and Weight Assembly Part
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Part #: GP819-12
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For irrigation, germination or propagation and used in an inverted position, the low flow application rate micro sprinkler is a complete assembled unit that includes a 19 GPH micro sprinkler with orange nozzle, anti leak device, 12” micro tubing, weight and barb. Designed to irrigate or propagate in greenhouse benches and beds in inverted position, these units provide the added benefit of keeping the benches clear of lateral pipes and prevent damage to the micro sprinkler by any machinery being used. The completely assembled unit includes an anti-leak device that prevents dripping at the end of the irrigation cycle and keeps the lateral lines under pressure at all times, saving water and fertilizer that would otherwise be wasted as water drains the line. Ideal use in overlapping application.

By: Dlimenko, 05/02/13

This is an interesting sprinkler. It throws water in a broad diameter and in larger drops (which is more efficient for us).

Here is the problem:

It seems to have two angles of spray. One which is about 2 degrees up, thus allowing it to reach a larger diameter, and one which is about 20 degrees down. Between the two, there is a SIGNIFICANT loss of coverage.

Furthermore, we had to move all of our plants away from underneath the sprinkler, as a 3' diameter circle received almost no coverage at all.

We spent days observing and assessing each spinkler, trying to determine if it was something with just a few of them. Then we used the same sprinklers on bare ground cover to get an exact "water print" of the coverage. It was exactly as we had seen with our seedlings. EVERY sprinkler had a large inner ring directly underneath it, which was almost completely dry. Then it had two outer rings of moisture, with very uneven coverage in between. It looked like Saturn's rings.

I hate being critical, as we had put so much hope into this sprinkler model. Nevertheless, I can only give it 3 stars for an inadequate design. We'll keep it as a reserve, just for breezy days. I believe with a little wind, it will perform MUCH better.

  • Anti-leak closing pressure: 10 PSI
  • Anti-leak penning pressure: 25 PSI
  • Available with two flow rates: Blue nozzle: 32 GPH with up to 23’ diameter @ 30 PSI, Orange nozzle: 19 GPH with up to 17’ diameter @ 30 PSI
  • Droplet Size: Medium
  • Filter requirement: 120 mesh (130 micron)
  • Mounting: stabilizer weight, anti-leak device, 12" or 24" micro tube and barb
  • Nominal Flow: 35 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 35 PSI
  • Operating Pressure in Overlapping Irrigation: 35 PSI
  • Pattern: 360°
  • Recommended layout : 2' to 6' above the bench
  • Recommended micro-sprinkler spacing: blue nozzle 14' to 20 apart , orange nozzle 12' to 16' apart
  • Trajectory Angle: Approximately -5°
  • Wetting diameter : up to 23’
  • Color coded nozzles
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Made of durable materials ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers for long-lived trouble free operation
  • Modular design allows for a wide range of interchangeable components
  • Prevent damage to sensitive plants caused by the dripping at the end of irrigation cycle
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure

Installation for Greenhouses and Nurseries

For detailed information and installation instructions see our Micro Irrigation for Professional Greenhouses and NurseriesTutorial for Greenhouses section.