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Barbed Ball Valve , 1/4"

Barbed Ball Valve , 1/4 in.  1/4 in.
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Choose the correct model ball valve to match the diameter of the drip line, drip tubing, or poly tubing you need to shut off – 1/4", 1/2", 16mm, 17mm, or 3/4” x 17mm - for downstream or upstream repair of an individual line or lateral.

Part #: A018
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Our 1/4" barbed ball valve is used as a shut-off valve for individual micro tubing, 1/4" drip line or 1/4" soaker hose, for downstream or upstream repairs or control of individual 1/4" drip laterals or micro tubing laterals with drip emitters.

By: Angela33, 05/04/15

I bought twelve and they work very well. I'm ordering more today.

By: Crystal Fountains, 10/24/13

By: fredtcat, 05/31/12

They work, but they sure seem to be the cheapest solution (which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5). Just holding these in your hand makes you think that you might be able to accidentally tear the knob off of the line.

Luckally, the knobs rotate 360 degrees (on, off, on, off- 90 degrees between each switch), so there's no worry about accidentally turning them too far and breaking them.

  • Barbed inlet and outlet :
  • Materials: Barb: Acetal
  • Operating pressure: up to 60 PSI
  • Recommended pressure: Up to 50 PSI
  • Temperature range: Up to 120 F
  • Constructed of polypropylene and other non-corrosive materials
  • Fits 1/4" (.145-.190 ID) distribution tubing and drip line
  • High flow with low pressure loss
  • Large inside diameter for maximum flow
  • Low-torque handle
  • Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps
  • Small size
  • Smooth opening and closing eliminates pressure loss
  • Two piece construction
  • Used with two "O" rings for watertight seals
  • UV resistant