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Universal Nut Lock Coupling

Universal Nut Lock Coupling
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Nut lock coupling for 1/2" with .620, .700 and .710 OD drip hose, used for two way layout of any 1/2" drip house with OD of .620, .700 and .710 Drip hose. If you are not sure about the size of the drip tubing you have, use this coupling.

Part #: LF026
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The Drip Store's Universal Nut Lock™, drip fittings are used to connect drip tubing with varies dimensions. The Universal Nut Lock fittings can be use to connect drip tubing with .620 OD to drip tubing with .710 OD, providing a simple solution when you are not sure of the drip tubing size you have.

By: jansmudski, 08/14/12

These are made by DIG and are quite impressive and different than other "twist" lock type connectors. The bevel the tube pushes over is very Sharp and intended to dig into and grip the tubing tight.It is also removable - important feature as you will see. The nut lock is much stronger overall and more precisely manufactured. It has more threads per inch on the nut so it can be really torqued down and wont move. It is semi-permanent! The fitting with the bevel is removable. If you want to remove one of these you wont be able to remove the tubing except to cut it (or heat it up well and wiggle it out). Point is this a far more secure fitting suitable for burial if needed. The difficulty of removing one is really not an issue though. Since the part with the bevel comes out you would just pop out a T and replace it with a coupler leaving the bevel parts in place. Its only if you wanted to take out the nut lock type and use another type then you got a tougher job. They are bit larger and more expensive to it depends on what the need is if you go this way or not. THey look like a good choice for the part of the circuit you are confident wont change much.

  • Materials: Body and Nuts: Polypropylene
  • Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
  • Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
  • Fits all DIG 1/2" polyethylene tubing with .620 OD to .710 OD
  • Made with high impact UV resistant plastic
  • Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps

Universal Nut Lock

To connect any two sizes of poly drip tubing with .620 to .710 OD uses the following steps:

First step: Unthread the nut and slid the nut into the drip tubing side.

Second step: Push the drip tubing over the barb and then thread the nut to secure.