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Black 90-Degree Spreader for MS004, MS005, MSA004 and MSA005

Black 90-Degree Spreader for MS004, MS005, MSA004 and MSA005
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The black 90-degree, red 180-degree and the blue strip spreaders are used with micro sprinkler models MS004, MS005, MSA004 and MSA005 to provide additional options for coverage. To interchange any of the spreaders, first remove the nozzle, then remove the spinner and insert the spreader into the micro sprinkler bridge.

Part #: MD002
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The Drip Store’s line of spinner type micro sprinklers presents an advanced concept in micro irrigation systems. The bride type micro sprinklers operate using a spinner, which is seated on a nozzle or orifice, usually within some types of bridge design. When water passes thru the nozzle it spins the spinner, which throws the water in a full circle to the diameter determined by the flow rate and pressure. The micro sprinklers can be used in orchards under a tree canopy, and for ground-cover, seed germination and flowerbeds. The micro sprinkler’s spinner design determines the spinner propulsion at lower pressure. The micro sprinklers use interchangeable components with a number of spreaders suitable for 90 degree, 180 degree, and strip pattern. The micro sprinkler comes with 10/32 thread and has a complete assembly with spike, 24” micro tubing and barb.

  • Droplet Size: Medium
  • Flow rate @ 30 PSI: 11 GPH (blue nozzle) with coverage of 21' or 27' diameter , 21 GPH (green nozzle) with coverage of 21' or 27' diameter
  • Materials: Polyacetal
  • Operating pressure: 25 to 30 PSI
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Recommended micro-sprinkler spacing: the blue nozzle 6' to 10' apart, the green nozzle 12' to 16' apart
  • Available on 10/32 thread and completely assembled on 13" spike with 24” (.160 ID x .270 OD) micro tubing and 1/4" barb
  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Large water passage
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Spinner can be replaced with one of three available spreaders
  • Spreaders with 180, 90 and strip pattern for the micro sprinklers are sold separately (MD001, MD002 and MD003)
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure

Installation for Bridge Type Micro Sprinklers

To install the 360 degree micro sprinkler use the complete assembly with spike, micro tubing and barb. The micro sprinkler is used with one of the poly risers available in our accessories section. To replace the head of the micro sprinkler or to change the spinner, see details in the attached file: For detailed information of how to replace the spinner with a spreader, please open this link: Instruction Manual.

To install the micro sprinklers, first select the flow rate and the micro sprinkler diameter. If using the complete assembly micro sprinkler with the spike and the micro tubing, first insert the spike into the ground about 2-4”, then punch a hole into the side of the drip tubing using a punch, and then insert the barb on the micro tubing into the drip tubing.