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Professional Barb Insert Clip Gun

Professional Barb Insert Clip Gun
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The professional barb insert clip gun tool is a heavy duty device used to insert a selection of barbed connectors and some drip emitters into 1/4" micro tubing. The barb insert tool features an easy to grip handle with a large gripper to hold the micro tubing. Insert the barb into the toll chamber, grip the micro tubing, and insert the barb into the micro tubing with one squeeze of the clip gun handle. Constructed of UV-resistant, high impact plastic.

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The punches, insert tools and cutters offered by The Drip Store are accessories used in installation of a micro irrigation system. They are used to punch holes, to cut or to insert connectors into the drip or micro tubing. The Drip Store’s range of punch and cutter accessories includes:

Basic palm punches: Very inexpensive and used only for punching holes into drip tubing.

Professional Gun Punch: Used for punching a large number of holes into drip tubing, using a durable heavy-duty heat-treated pin.

Professional Gun Punch with Tubing Cutter: Used for punching a large number of holes into the drip tubing, using a durable, heavy-duty heat-treated pin and includes a cutter to cut the drip tubing.

Cutters: Used for cutting the drip tubing.

By: fcbib, 06/22/13

Works fair. Main problem is not able to grip PE tube line very well. Slips easily. I have not been able to solve problem yet. If grip improved, would be excellent tool.

By: ethanrosenberg, 05/13/13

works perfectly for putting the netafim pc drippers onto the 1/4" microtubing. If you are doing a high volume this is the tool for you. takes a major wrist injury repetitive motion away.

  • Used to punch holes into the drip tubing or to cut the drip or micro tubing
  • UV resistant, high impact plastic