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1/8”, 100’ Spot-Spitter Micro Tubing , 100'

1/8”, 100’ Spot-Spitter Micro Tubing , 100 ft.  100 ft.
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When installing the SPOT-SPITTER spray sticks, make sure to use this tubing only. No other tubing is recommended or will work correctly. The 1/8" with.125" ID X .187" OD poly tubing is available in 100’ or 1,000’ coils for use in any size installation. This commercial grade black poly tubing is UV-resistant and made to resist heat and cracking. It can be used for nursery, landscaping, home, or agricultural applications.

Part #: T300
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The Drip Store have all the components needed for the installation of the SPOT-SPITTER spray sticks. The SPOT-SPITTER spray stick from John Deere Water Product line is one of the most cost-effective and versatile solutions for your nursery watering application. Low cost and ease of installation have made this product line a favorite among nurseries and growers worldwide.

The color-coded spray sticks are available with 90, 160 and 360-degree spray patterns and with a wide range of flow rates. Install the SPOT-SPITTER spray stick using the specially sized 1/8” micro tubing, by punching a hole into the drip tubing or blank tubing using model A039 punch or any punch other with 4mm pin. insert the micro tubing directly into the drip tubing or blank hose and to the other side insert the right spray stick that fit your nursery application.

  • Droplet Size: Small
  • Filter requirement: Up to 24 GPH 120 Mesh 24 GPH and up to 80 Mesh
  • Operating pressure: 15 to 25 PSI
  • Made of durable materials, ensuring resistance to most chemicals and fertilizers
  • SPOT-SPITTER is for use in pots, boxes or containers in nursery or home applications
  • The SPOT-SPITTER has a spray direction indictor
  • Trouble free operation even at low pressure
  • UV resistant

Installation for Spot Spitters

To install the SPOT-SPITTER use the suggested micro tubing with the correct ID and OD. To replace the spray stick, just pull it out of the micro tubing, and replace with a new head of the same color. Make sure to flush the line before inserting the new spray stick. No tool or glue is required.

To install the SPOT-SPITTER into the drip tubing lateral, first select the flow rate and the spray stick degree of coverage, then insert the spray stick into the 1/8” micro tubing. Next, punch a hole into the side of the drip tubing using a 4 mm punch, and then insert the micro tubing into the drip tubing.  No barb connector or other parts are needed.