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Mini Weather Station

Mini Weather Station
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The mini weather station control irrigation system operates using wind, rain, and temperature sensors.

Part #: WS004
$157.89 ea.

This complete Mini Weather Station includes freeze, rain and wind sensors in one easy-to-mount and install compact unit. This device includes three different sensors in one convenient unit, with the rain sensor shutting off the irrigation system automatically in rainy weather, the freeze sensor preventing system activation when outdoor temperatures drop near freezing and the wind sensor shutting off the system during periods of high winds in the range of 12-35 mph. The unit then automatically resets the system when conditions are more favorable. Attaching to your controller with just two wires, the Mini Weather Station takes all the guesswork out of when not to water.

  • Adjustable rainfall settings: measures rainfall in quantities of 1/8" to 1"
  • Electrical: 120VAC, 5 amps max
  • Sensor element : completely weatherproof, double epoxy sealed
  • Temperature set point : 37 F (3 C) +/- 2 C
  • Wind speed adjustments: : 12 to 35 mph
  • Automatically shuts off the irrigation system at 37°F, helping to eliminate ice on the landscape area
  • Easily to install on any automatic irrigation system; versatile to meet your needs
  • Heavy duty construction - built for years of trouble-free operation
  • Shuts the irrigation system off in rainy conditions with rainfall settings from 1/8" to 1"
  • Shuts the irrigation system off with wind speeds from 12 to 35 mph winds. Choose the wind speed most effective for your area
  • The Mini Weather Station includes wind, rain, and freeze sensors
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty

Installation for Mini Weather Station

Each of the three sensors on this mini Weather Station - for wind speed, rainfall and temperature (near-freezing conditions) - operates independently of the others.  The unit must therefore be installed so that each of the sensors can function without interfering with each other.Use only the “mounting” details contained on this sheet.


The weather station is designed to mount on a post of 2" PVC pipe. However, any combination of pipe and fittings can be used.

The enclosed “reducer” fitting has two purposes:

1)       It allows for the use of 1/2" PVC pipe for shorter mounts

2)       Screwed down onto surface (wood post or deck), it acts as a base for the weather station to fit onto.

Important:For most accurate temperature sensing, rotate the weather station so the thermostat portion points north.

Wiring:  All three sensors are electrically connected in series, so only two wires need to be used to connect to the irrigation controller.

The sensor connects directly to the sensor terminal on the AC controller.

1.       Route the wires from the sensor up through the same opening used for valve wiring on the controller.

2.       Connect one of the sensor lead wires to the C terminal (common).

3.       Connect the green and silver (clear insulation) lead wire to the valve’s common ground lead wire and connect the valve’s wires to the correct controller valve number terminals. If the valve common wire is connected to the controller common terminal disconnect it and connect it to the sensor. 

Wiring the Mini-Weather Station to theOther 24 VAC Controllers


Note: For extending the wires, use wire 18AWG or heavier.