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DIG's Ambient light (solar) Powered, 2-Station Wireless Irrigation Controller , Model LEIT 2

DIG ft. s Ambient light (solar) Powered, 2-Station Wireless Irrigation Controller , Model LEIT 2 Model LEIT 2
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The LEIT-2 is a wireless, solar powered irrigation control system that combines remote control handset and 2 stations ambient (solar) powered controller. The LEIT RC2 remote control handset is an advanced wireless device that is used to communicate with up to 99 LEIT-2 controllers, or 198 valves from a distance of up to 300’ line of sight. The LEIT RC2 handset has a sophisticated and intuitive icon-based software used to review and program the LEIT-2 controllers. All controller functions are controlled and reviewed by the RC2 remote handset. After installation, no further visits to the controller are required.

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Features like no others and used for residential and commercial applications the LEIT-2 is an ambient (solar) powered, two-station wireless irrigation controller with rain sensor connection. The LEIT-2 system is comprised of the LEIT-2 controller,the LEIT RC2 remote control handset, DC valves and one mounting conflagration. The LEIT-2 can operate up to two valves and a rain sensor using a highly efficient photovoltaic module fueled by ambient light. After installation, no further visits to the controller are required under normal conditions. The controller is programmed using the LEIT RC-2 remote control handset from a distance of up to 300‘ line of sight.

· Exclusive photovoltaic module powers the LEIT-2 controller
· A sleek, full-featured handset can operates up to 99 controller
· Outstanding a round the clock features
· International appeal using multilingual software
· Distinguished menu base programming with user-friendly icons
· Operates up to 2 305DC-xxx valves
· Mounting configuration for any applications

Installing the LEIT-2 system required the following components:
Installed in any location with no AC power or battery needed
1. LEIT-2: 2 station ambient (solar) powered wireless controller with two yellow wires for rain sensor connection and four wires, with each two wires, red and white used for connection to each valve. Suggestion: We recommend that the user should reset the controller using the 2 yellow wires and a 9 volt battery before installation due to the fact that this type of controller has no backup batteries.
2. LEIT RC2: Remote control handset is used to communicate with up to 99 LEIT-2 controllers Suggestion: when connecting to the LEIT-2 controller for the first time and assigning a controller ID , assign any number from 2 to 99
3. Up to 2 DIG series ¾”, 305DC.075, 1” 305DC.100, 1-1/2” 305DC.150 and 2” 305DC.200 plastic in-line globe valves with latching solenoids are designed to operate with our LEIT-2 solar powered controller (see our valves section under DC valves). Suggestion: Connect the solenoids red and white wires to the controller station # red and white wires using water proof splice connectors
4. Mounting the LEIT-2 controller required one of the mounting configuration provided:
a. Valve box dome mounting model 30-830 allows mounting the LEIT-2 controller into any valve box. The mounting dome included a simple instruction of how to install it to the box
b. Valve clip mounting attachment with 4 screws model 30-831 allows to clip the controller and to mount it to one of the valve solenoid. This installation is suggested when the valves are above ground.

No more AC power needed or battery to replace, the photovoltaic module in the LEIT-2 harness light energy to generate electricity that is stored and used to power the controller day and night in any kind of weather. Light illumination is measured in terms of lux (lx) or foot-candles (fc). A lux is equal to the total intensity of light that falls on a 3.5 square feet (one square meter) surface that is one foot away from the point source of light. In normal day with direct sunlight an average of 100,000 lux can be measured. The exclusive LEIT-2 controller requires only an average of 3000 lux for normal operation

The LEIT-2 controller are unique to all other water irrigation control systems because of their ability to harness ambient light to generate electricity. The electricity is stored in a long life non-battery based Super capacitors and used to power the controller. This feature allows the LEIT-2 system to operate day and night in any area, in any weather conditions, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day.

DIG Corporation designed a product with the environment in mind, a product that can use less energy and disposed of easily without adverse effects on the environment. The electronic assembly and components are certified lead free and the controller does not use a battery to store power, as a result, various toxic pollutions from leads are prevented. Above and beyond, the controller mounted directly or close to the valve saving or eliminating the needs for long copper wires. The controller also use technologies that utilizing ambient light as a source of energy to power the controller, providing a foreword-looking technological and a green controller

  • Controller: input: 3000 -100,000+ LUX, output: 9-volt pulse, power requirements for normal operation: minimum of 3,000 LUX, station capacity: One 6-9 volt two way magnetic latching solenoid per each set of red and white wires
  • Controller wires gauges : 16 AWG
  • Dimensions: 3” W x 5 1/2” L including the antenna
  • Rain sensor connection: : Normally close
  • Temperature range: 5 F to 176 F (-15 C to 80 C)
  • Built from tough, rugged material - resistant to harsh environmental conditions; completely waterproof, complies with IP68 requirements
  • Client ID enables the user to assign a unique identity code to the controller and handset; this is a security feature, which locks out unauthorized users.
  • Custom grouping of the two stations allow the controller to operate the two valves in the same time if hydraulic limitations are not exceeded
  • Default Program with 5 minutes per day with a start time at 9AM on valve one (1) with no previous programming if controller ID was assigned
  • Environmentally friendly; certified lead free; uses light (solar) as a source of energy.
  • Functions day and night in any weather and most outdoor locations, no direct sunlight required
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity forever (excluding time)
  • Operates up to two stations and a sensor without AC power hookup, batteries, or conventional solar panels.
  • Power is provided by an efficient photovoltaic module (PVM) and microelectronic management system fueled by ambient light (solar).
  • Program stacking feature prevents hydraulic overload
  • The LEIT-2 2 has two mounting configurations including green valve box mounting and valve clip mounting, controller functions day and night in any weather and in most outdoor locations, controllers communicate with a LEIT RC2 handset and the weather station at a distance of up to 350 feet (100 m) line of site by way of radio communication, utilizes radio frequency in the ISM band 902-928 MHz (868 international), utilizes ROHS components, CE, IC, FCC certified, Australia and Hong Kong compliant
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Two independent programs with four start times per program
  • Two station wireless controller with 18” (45 cm) valves wires and sensors wires
  • Used with 3/4, model # 305DC-075, 1”, model # 305DC-100, 1-1/2” model # 305DC-150 and 2” model # 305DC-200 DC solenoids with