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DIG, LEIT Wireless Remote Control Handset use with the LEIT 2 System , Model LEIT-RC2

DIG, LEIT Wireless Remote Control Handset use with the LEIT 2 System  , Model LEIT-RC2 Model LEIT-RC2
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The LEIT-RC2 is a two way wireless remote control handset. The LEIT- RC2 is part of a solar powered irrigation control system that combines the remote control handset and the LEIT 2, two stations ambient (solar) powered irrigation controller. The LEIT RC2 remote control handset is an advanced wireless device that is used to communicate with up to 99 LEIT-2, two station controllers from a distance of 300’ line of sight. The LEIT RC2 handset has a sophisticated and intuitive icon-based software used to review and program the LEIT-2 controllers. All controller functions are controlled and reviewed by the RC2 remote handset. After installation, no further visits to the controller are required. The LEIT RC2 handset included a 3.6 V, 750 milliamp nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery and a wall-mounting charger

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Imagine being able to program up to 99 controllers, operating 198 valves, from a distance of 300 feet (100 m) line of sight. Imagine using a hand-held wireless device about the size of a cell phone and send and receive any information needed. What if these valves are triggered by high efficiency “smart” controller that require no battery or AC power supply. Now imagine being able to install these valves wherever there is a water supply and not having to pull any field wires whatsoever or replace any battery. Now this is a reality with DIG's Corporation LEIT-RC2 remote control handset and the LEIT-2 ambient light (solar) powered two station irrigation controllers. The RC2 remote handset has a large LCD display with sophisticated and intuitive icon-based software used to communicate with LEIT-2 controllers. All of the controller operations are controlled via the RC2 remote handset.

Dig’s Corporation approach to the LEIT-2 was to provide a wireless technology handset’s with a quality in a manner that can captures the end user perspective. Once the LEIT-2 controller is installed there is no further reason to visit the controller. Using the LEIT RC2 handset, communication range can be establish from up to 300 ft line of site, allowing the user to see any controller data via a 2-way communication. By giving the end-users a new simple-to-use devices with many programming features that can allows to connect to, and find any controller on the grid, we enable to offer our customers a high-quality, irrigation device that can be used in any application on any location around the world.

The modular architecture of the LEIT-2 system means that no area is too small and or purpose is too large to benefit from the system's outstanding features. The LEIT-2 can function either as an individual wireless controller or as part of a large installation. Some of the features such as global stop command that turn off all the valves within radio range, upload and change programs for up to 99 controllers, communication via 99 saved addresses, alert you if changes are made with identification of the handset that made the changes, alert you if controller has a short or open valve, status report for each controller with current running program information, schedule a temporary manual run, test or skip any valve, budgeting with 10-200% in 10% increments per month, a rain delay for up to 99 days with automatic restart and last, program duration from 1 minute to 5:59 hours in 1 minute increments with 2 programs and 4 start times per program for each valve. In addition a few special features are available to turn any month off and event off using multilingual software in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese

Installing the LEIT-2 system required the following components:
Installed in any location with no AC power or battery needed
1. LEIT-2: 2 station ambient (solar) powered wireless controller with two yellow wires for rain sensor connection and four wires, with each two wires, red and white used for connection to each valve. Suggestion: We recommend that the user should reset the controller using the 2 yellow wires and a 9 volt battery before installation due to the fact that this type of controller has no backup batteries.
2. LEIT RC2: Remote control handset is used to communicate with up to 99 LEIT-2 controllers Suggestion: when connecting to the LEIT-2 controller for the first time and assigning a controller ID , assign any number from 2 to 99
3. Up to 2 DIG series 3/4”, 305DC.075, 1” 305DC.100, 1-1/2” 305DC.150 and 2” 305DC.200 plastic in-line globe valves with latching solenoids are designed to operate with our LEIT-2 solar powered controller (see our valves section under DC valves). Suggestion: Connect the solenoids red and white wires to the controller station # red and white wires using water proof splice connectors
4. Mounting the LEIT-2 controller required one of the mounting configuration provided:
a. Valve box dome mounting model 30-830 allows mounting the LEIT-2 controller into any valve box. The mounting dome included a simple instruction of how to install it to the box
b. Valve clip mounting attachment with 4 screws model 30-831 allows to clip the controller and to mount it to one of the valve solenoid. This installation is suggested when the valves are above ground.

  • Dimensions: 2 1/4” W x 5 1/2” L including the antenna
  • Power source: Rechargeable 3.6V Ni/MH battery
  • Remote handset input : 12-volt DC
  • Client ID enables the user to assign a unique identity code to the controller and handset; this is a security feature, which locks out unauthorized users.
  • Custom programming with 7 day calendar or intervals of 1-30 days in odd/ even or every day rotation 365 day calendar with leap year
  • Diagnostic setting in Current Status screen provides the user with controller activity such as a short or open valve, controller’s power level, sensors activity and any other active events
  • Environmentally friendly; certified lead free
  • Global Stop command turns off all valves with the same Client ID within radio range
  • History Report on each valve provides operating time for past and current month
  • In Program Status, the user can review changes made to any of the programs and identify the handset that made the changes
  • Individual monthly water budgeting from 10- 200% in 10% increments
  • Large liquid crystal display with user friendly icons for easy programming
  • Manual Test of individual valves and Manual Runs can be performed via the RC2 handset
  • Monthly Off feature allows any month of the year to be inactive
  • Multilingual software in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese
  • Permanent Events Off feature allows any three days of the year to be inactive and will override any programs that are operating on these days
  • Provides controller status on connection including controller ID and address or description, controller activity, valve activity, sensor activity and any other active events
  • Radio frequency is in the ISM band 920 MHz (868 international). FCC certified, Australia and Hong Kong compliant.
  • Rain delay with up to 99 days with auto-restart
  • Reconnect via the Find screen using up the last ten saved addresses
  • Reports Menu screen provides various function information on the controller programming for current and last month. Information includes Current Status, Program Status and History for the last two months
  • The handset can alert the user on connection if the controller has not been fully charged, including the number of days since last full charge.
  • The LEIT-2 handset can perform many functions, such as program the LEIT 2 controller, review status information, check history reports, adjust budgeting, program rain delays and perform manual runs, has an operating range of up to 350 ft (100 meters), line of sight
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Two independent programs with four start times per program
  • Watering duration from one minute to eleven hours and 59 minutes in one minute increments