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Valve Clip Mounting Attachment with 4 Screws

Valve Clip Mounting Attachment with 4 Screws
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The LEIT-2 Valve clip mounting attachment with 4 Screws are used to mount the LEIT-2 controller into an inline vale or anti-siphon valve for above ground installation only. The controller wires are inserted into the center hole on the mounting attachment and the LEIT-2 is secure to the valve clip mounting attachment using the four screws. Mount the controller into the solenoid on top of the valve by clipping the mounting attachment with the controller into the solenoid

Part #: 30-831
$6.90 ea.

Installing the LEIT-2 system required the following components:
Installed in any location with no AC power or battery needed
1. LEIT-2: 2 station ambient (solar) powered wireless controller with two yellow wires for rain sensor connection and four wires, with each two wires, red and white used for connection to each valve. Suggestion: We recommend that the user should reset the controller using the 2 yellow wires and a 9 volt battery before installation due to the fact that this type of controller has no backup batteries.
2. LEIT RC2: Remote control handset is used to communicate with up to 99 LEIT-2 controllers Suggestion: when connecting to the LEIT-2 controller for the first time and assigning a controller ID , assign any number from 2 to 99
3. Up to 2 DIG series 3/4”, 305DC.075, 1” 305DC.100, 1-1/2” 305DC.150 and 2” 305DC.200 plastic in-line globe valves with latching solenoids are designed to operate with our LEIT-2 solar powered controller (see our valves section under DC valves). Suggestion: Connect the solenoids red and white wires to the controller station # red and white wires using water proof splice connectors
4. Mounting the LEIT-2 controller required one of the mounting configuration provided:
a. Valve box dome mounting model 30-830 allows mounting the LEIT-2 controller into any valve box. The mounting dome included a simple instruction of how to install it to the box
b. Valve clip mounting attachment with 4 screws model 30-831 allows to clip the controller and to mount it to one of the valve solenoid. This installation is suggested when the valves are above ground.