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Total Customer Satisfaction Policy

The Drip Store, Inc. is not a large faceless corporation. We have real people controlling and guiding our company.
As customers of other companies, we also have become frustrated with the decline of customer service. We believe old-fashioned customer service belongs in the "New Economy" and new medium of sales, which the Internet has created.

The Drip Store, Inc. has proven itself as a customer service driven, Internet only company since 1996. It's continued growth and success is due to its old-fashioned, customer-oriented approach. Customer satisfaction and loyalty have proven the Drip Store to be a highly successful business model.

To insure that customer service and satisfaction will be paramount in this venture, we have established this "Total Customer Satisfaction Policy". Please take a few moments to read the policy and see how we back our promise!

Total Customer Satisfaction Policy

  1. Your contact with us is very important and how we handle it reflects upon our company. When you telephone us during business hours (7 AM - 4 PM Pacific Time), we will not have a recorded menu. A real person will answer the phone and direct your call to the responsible department.
  2. E-mail communication should be quick and efficient, and ours will be! Our goal is to answer E-mails within 24 hours on normal business days. We will add staff as needed to answer your questions quickly and most importantly correctly.
  3. We will always offer a very liberal return policy.
  4. Please see or product return information page for complete details.
  5. If you have problems or questions on how to use the products purchased from us, we will assist you via E-mail. We want you to be successful using the products we sell and also happy with the purchase you made from us.

Best Of All!
If you ever have a problem which you feel has not been handled correctly, please use the following link to send E-mail: "Tell the president!" . Please include a daytime phone number. This E-mail will go directly to the President of The Drip Store, Inc.. You can rest assured that proper action will be taken and someone who can make a decision will address your problem. Please use this access only for problems which have gone through normal channels first. We would also be happy to hear from customers who have had positive experiences with us!

Thanks for your business!