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1/2" FPT x MPT Riser Adapter with 1/4" Barbed Elbow Outlet


The Drip Store’s 1/2” FPT x 1/2”” MPT riser extension adapter with 1/4” barbed outlet allows the conversion of a 1/2” riser with sprinkler head to a drip and sprinkler system combined. Using the 1/2” FPT x 1/2” MPT riser extension adapter with 1/4” barb allows 1/4” micro tubing to be installed below the sprinkler. Using this outlet with 1/4” micro tubing and a PC button emitter allows irrigation of water baskets, containers and individual plants that are not covered by the original sprinkler head. Using this method will not affect any other part of the system.

  • Retrofit accessories including adapters, reducers and extensions are designed to incorporate a drip outlet or system into an existing sprinkler system, by converting a 1/2” riser in the existing system to a drip irrigation outlet, without disturbing the flow of the other sprinklers on the line.

    Retrofit drip irrigation is controlled either manually or by using an automatic timer. The retrofit adapter can be used to mount onto the 1/2” riser one of many options of drip emitters to water shrubs, baskets, containers and individual plants that the sprinkler head may not cover sufficiently, while a drip outlet can do it with pinpoint efficiency.
    Retrofitting conventional sprinkler systems to low flow, water saving drip systems requires a few simple steps that include the evaluation of the areas to be watered. While large areas such as lawns are best watered by sprinklers, other areas, such as shrubs, roses or individual plants, can be irrigated more efficiently by using one of our retrofit systems.