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1 GPH Mini-Flo Inline Drip Emitter

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The 1 GPH with 1/4" inlet and outlet inline drip emitter work best in a pressure range from 5 to 25 PSI. This drip emitter can be used with 1/4 inch micro tubing as the main line. The drip emitter can be installed by cutting the micro tubing and inserting the drip emitter into the 1/4 inch micro tubing in a spacing of 6 to 12 inch apart.
  • The non PC model D051, .5-GPH and D052, 1-GPH are in-line drip emitters with 1/4" barb inlet and outlet. They are suitable for use in planter boxes, containers and with vegetable planters. Use this drip emitter with 1/4" micro tubing as the main line and install the emitter where required.


    The inline drip emitter perform perfectly well in a short run only, try not to place the emitters closer than 6 inches apart. The inline drip emitter with 1/4 inch barbed inlet and outlet provide flexibility and simplify the installation and customization of residential drip irrigation systems. Suitable for plants and/or trees in containers or in the ground, these non-pressure compensating drippers’ rate of flow depends on the inlet pressure; with higher pressure the flow will increase, with lower inlet pressure, less flow will occur. The Inline Button Drip Emitters’ nominal flow rates are .5 and 1 GPH at 20 PSI. The Inline Barbed Drip Emitters are ideal for use in pots, baskets, planter boxes; in systems with short runs and low pressure gravity feed systems. Install the drip emitters into the ¼ inch micro tubing.