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1" Spin-Loc x 5/8" Drip Tape Reducer Tee


This 1" Spin-Loc reducer tee is used to connect a supply line of 1” drip tubing (1.060 ID x 1.200 OD) to a 5/8" drip tape.

This fitting is a combination of our LF108, LF023 and A025. (Shown in the related products below)

Use your 1" main line to supply rows of 5/8" drip tape. Use the 15 mil tape.

  • The Drip Store’s commercial grade Spin-Loc fittings are available in many configurations to meet the demands of all types off drip irrigation applications. Use the 1" Spin-Loc fittings in the layout and installation of 1” drip tubing.


    The Spin-Loc fittings use a sleeve assembly over a body with a barb insert, allowing the user to easily install the many fittings that might be needed throughout the installation of the drip tubing. The sleeve makes the Spin-Loc fittings easier to install and tighten. An advanced sealing interface with a long barb provides guides for the Spin-Loc to slide over the barb for a secure seal. Our Spin-Loc fittings are made of high impact UV resistant plastic and can last for many years.