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12 GPH Four Outlet Drip Manifold with 1/2" FPT (RED)

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12 GPH Four Outlet Drip Manifold with 1/2" FPT & 1/4" barbed elbows (RED)

An easy way to convert a 1/2" sprinkler riser to a drip manifold. Great if you have potted plants. Simply run 1/4" microtube from the barbed outlet to your plant and use a stake (S003) to hold it in place.

At 12 GPH per outlet you can even split off each outlet to multiple plants using a flow restricting stake listed below left in the "Related Products" section. You can also run the 1/4" microtube to a plant and then connect 1/4" dripperline to encircle the root zone of the potted plant. See the installation instuctions below.

  • This Four Outlet PC Drip Manifold with 1/4" barbed elbows is a high flow pressure compensating emission device with each outlet discharging a flow rate of 12 GPH (color red) at a pressure range of 10 to 50 PSI. The Four Outlet PC Drip Manifold designed to convert a 1/2" sprinkler riser into a drip irrigation system, applying less water than the conventional sprinkler head replaced.

    Installation suggestions

    Retrofitting a conventional sprinkler riser to a water-saving drip irrigation system requires a few simple steps:

    Step 1: Use the Four Outlet PC Drip Manifolds in an area where the plants are close to the sprinkler riser you are replacing. We recommend using shorter lengths of micro tubing, not exceeding 6 to 8 feet from the riser, to allow for easy maintenance.

    1. Make sure that the output of the four outlet drip irrigation manifold is sufficient to cover the plants in the area close to the sprinkler riser. Use model D040 (2 GPH) or D041 (6 GPH) with small sized plants and model D042 (12 GPH) with larger plants.

    2. Remove the sprinkler from the riser.

    3. Turn the water on to flush the line. Then shut off the water and thread the Four Outlet PC Drip Manifold of your choice onto the riser.

    4. From the manifold outlets extend ¼ inch micro tubing to the plant areas (model # T040 for 100' and model # T041 for 500' poly or model # T009 for 50’ and T028 for 100’ vinyl) and connect the micro tubing into each of the barbed outlets.


    At this point you have a number of options:

    Option 1: Secure the end of the micro tubing with the stake (model # S003).

    Option 2: To the end of the micro tubing insert a ¼ inch barb (model # SF001) and connect a ¼ inch drip line (model # T052 with .5 GPH drip emitter every 9 inches) and loop it around the plant. This option will provide a larger wetted area under the plant canopy. This option can allow for 5 to 6 feet of drip per each outlet.

    Option 3: To the end of the micro tubing insert a ¼ inch tee (model # SF003). From the tee extend an additional length of micro tubing to the plant and insert a PC drip emitter or adjustable drip emitter (models D002 for 2 GPH or D004 for 4 GPH) with the drip emitters placed under the plant canopy, at the center between the plant trunk and the plant canopy edge.

            5.Turn the water on and check the system, making sure that all outlets are working and the location of each outlet meets your needs.