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3/4"FNPT Battery Powered Drip Irrigation Zone with .700 OD Outlet

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Product Number: VA023

The battery powered Drip Zone Assembly contains all the parts needed to start a drip irrigation system from a pipe thread or a faucet. The assembly made up of a waterproof, digital battery powered timer, ¾ inch filter with 155 mesh, ¾ inch 25 PSI preset pressure regulator, and ¾ inch swivel adapter to connect into 1/2 inch drip tubing with .700 OD. Use this drip irrigation zone for a drip irrigation system installation in residential and commercial applications.

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3/4"FNPT Battery Powered Drip Irrigation Zone with .700 OD Outlet


• Connection: 3/4" FPT inlet x.700 OD compression outlet
• Drip zone includes: waterproof battery powered controller, 155 mesh screen filter, 25 PSI preset pressure regulator, and swivel adapter with .700 OD compression
• Operating pressure: 10 to 120 PSI
• Preset operating pressure: 25 PSI
• Power source: 2 AA-volt alkaline batteries (not included)
• Filter screen: 155 meshMaximum flow rate: up to 10 GPM
•Temperature range: 38 to 130 F
• Materials: Housing - high impact plastic
• Inlet valve and solenoid housing - glass reinforced nylon with stainless steel spring

Note: this kit require assembly

Programming options

• Watering duration: from 1 minute up to 5 hours and 59 minutes set in one minute increments
• Watering frequency: weekly or cyclical schedule with odd days, even days, or intervals from one to thirty (1- 30) days utilizing 365 day yearly calendar with leap year
• Up to four start times per day in weekly or cyclical schedule provides added flexibility for any type of watering application including sandy or clay soil.
• Rain Off/Delay option with automatic restart with up to 99 days
• Program Off, stop program until reactivated
• Manual cycle via the program with automatic shutoff

Drip Zone Contents

#QtyPart No.Description
1 1 C007 Waterproof battery operated timer
2 1 F303 3/4” MNPT filter with 155 mesh poly screen (green) and flush cap
2 1 A044 3/4” FPT X MPT 25 PSI preset premium pressure regulator
2 1 LF011 3/4" FNPT Swivel Adapter X 1/2" .700 OD Compression


• All-purpose, complete drip zone made up of a digital, waterproof battery operated timer with pipe thread, 155 mesh filter, premium 25 PSI preset pressure regulator and adapter with .700 OD compression to connect to 1/2 inch drip tubing
• Easy to install and program
• Installed below grade or above
• Watering flexibility with a selection of watering frequencies and four start times per day
• ¾ filter with 155 mesh screen
• Regulates the pressure to the suggested operating pressure of a drip irrigation system with a preset 25 PSI pressure regulator
• Manual irrigation cycle can be performed via the manual program button
• Can be used with pipe or hose thread (hose threads fittings included)
• Four start times per day in a weekly mode
• Frequency choices of 7 day in weekly schedule or cyclical from 1 to 31 days
• Easy to read AM/PM clock
• Watering duration from 1 minute to six hours 59 minutes in 1 minute intervals
• Semi-automatic, automatic, or manual operation
• Low battery indicate when time to replace the batteries
• Easy manual operations using Start and Stop button
• Irrigation can be suspended via the controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation during rainy weather (rain mode) with up to 99 days with automatic start
• Rain sensor connection included
• Powered by 2 AA alkaline Batteries (not included) that can last up to three years
• Waterproof (IP68)
• Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions



The battery powered Drip Zone Assembly allows for automation of a drip irrigation zone, provides protection to the drip emitters and micro sprinklers from particles that may enter the system, and reduces or regulates the incoming pressure of the water entering the micro irrigation system to the appropriate operating pressure of 25 PSI, which is within the range of recommended operating pressures for a drip irrigation system.

The digital, waterproof battery operated controller with ¾ FPT (hose thread fittings included) in this assembly is the C007 (model RBC7000 from DIG). The waterproof battery operated controller features an easy-to-read LCD screen and simple icon based programming with weekly or cyclical programs, four start times per day, durations of up to six hours, rain delay of up to 99 days, program off, and manual operation via the program.


installation video


Drip Zone Assembly Installation

The Drip Zone use our battery operated controller model C007 from DIG (model RBC7000)

Downloadable C007 (RBC7000) Instruction Manual (pdf)

Battery Installation
This Digital Battery Operated Controller requires 2-AA batteries (alkaline battery recommended).
  1. To install the batteries, unscrew the gray battery compartment cover on the front side of the timer and insert two AA batteries. The polarity is marked for direction on the back of the timer.
  2. Turn battery cover clockwise to close.
  3. If the timer has been programmed, you have a safe period of 60 seconds to replace the batteries without losing the clock. .

Review the instruction manual included with the unit for details.

The model C007 Digital Battery Operated controller in this drip zone uses seven buttons to program. The left button is used to stop all program watering, the button on the right is used to start manual run, and the five buttons in the center are used to program the unit.

Drip Zone for Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation requires clean water and proper operating pressure. The cause of most drip irrigation system failures is either high pressure or clogged drip emitters; therefore a screen filter and a pressure regulator are the most important components in the micro irrigation system.

 This drip zone made of a 3/4 inch battery powered controller, ¾ inch, ¾ inch 155 mesh screen filter, ¾ inch 25 PSI preset pressure regulator and a ¾ inch adapter with .700 OD compression to connect a drip zone to a ½ inch (.700 OD) drip tubing.

 The screen filterr is a simple and economical method to protect a drip irrigation system. Periodically the filter screen needs to be cleaned by opening the filter cover, removing the screen, and rinsing the screen under water.

 The 25 PSI preset pressure regulator is used to reduce and regulate the incoming household water pressure entering a drip irrigation or micro sprinkler system to the appropriate operating pressure range of 25 PSI, which is within the range of recommended operating pressures for a micro irrigation system.

 The 3/4" FHT adapter with .700 OD compression connection is to connect a 1/2 inch drip tubing with .700 OD to any hose thread fitting with 3/4” male hose threads.


Installation into a PVC pipe or to pipe thread

1. If installation is into a PVC pipe, first shut off the main water supply.

2. We recommend installing a 3/4” ball valve or gate valve before the battery operated timer. This ball valve can be very useful as an emergency backup to turn the system off. This type of arrangement is used by professional installers.

3. Turn the water supply on to flush the line and then shut the water supply off using the new ball or gate valve.

4. Install the timer, wrapping TEFLON tape on all the male pipe thread fittings used.

5. Turn the water supply on again to pressurize the system. The timer will open momentarily and then will shut off.

6. Test the timer using the manual on/off button located on the upper right side. Press the manual button on and the timer will turn on. Check that the system is working and that there are no leaks. Press the button again and the timer will turn off.

7. Program the timer. Review the instruction manual included with the unit for details.

Installation into a faucet or to hose thread

1. If installation is into a faucet, attach the swivel female hose thread adapter by male pipe thread adapter into the inlet side of the timer by threading the male side of the adapter to the timer inlet. See arrow for water flow direction. Make sure to wrap the male thread side of the adapter with TEFLON tape. Connect the timer to the faucet using the swivel adapter.

2. If required, attach the male hose thread by male pipe thread adapter into the outlet side of the timer. 3. If the timer is installed with a drip irrigation system, make sure to add the 155 mesh screen filter to protect the drip system, then install the 25 pressure regulator to lower the pressure to the drip system, followed by the swivel adapter to connect the drip tubing

Adding a rain sensor or any other closed contact sensor

If a rain sensor or other closed contact sensor is used, cut the yellow wires and add the sensor per the sensor instructions, making sure to use a waterproof wire connector.