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3/4" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens


The Drip Store's 3/4" "Y" style filters are a great way to ensure that your drip system will not get clogged by small particles which you may not even see in the water. The filter is easy to install and clean. No need to take the filter out of the system just unscrew the bottom of the canister, take out the screen and clean it under water.

TIP: The water flow direction is molded into the top of the filter body. The direction is opposite for screen and disc filter elements!!

Filtration recommendations

  • Well or potable water: 150 to 155 mesh screen or disc filter on the main line.
  • Water with sand: disc filter on the main line positioned after a back-flow device
  • Reclaimed water: disc filter followed by screen filter with 155 mesh
3/4" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

3/4" MPT Filter, 80 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen / F305

3/4" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

3/4" MPT Filter, 120 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen / F306

3/4" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

3/4" MPT Filter, 155 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen / F307

3/4" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

3/4" MPT Filter, 200 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen / F070

  • All irrigation systems require proper maintenance, and drip irrigation systems are no exception. The major cause of most drip irrigation system failures is clogging of drip emitters and micro sprinklers, therefore, a disc or screen filter installed before the pressure regulator is the most important component in the micro irrigation system. The pipe thread plastic disc or screen filters are simple to install and are an economical method to protect a drip irrigation system by preventing such clogging. Periodically the discs or screens need to be cleaned.

    Screen filters are the most common filters used in the irrigation industry and in most cases the least expensive. They are generally used as a backup for any type of drip irrigation installation and are mainly installed where the quality of water is good. Screen filters are excellent for removing hard particulates from water, such as sand and other small elements often found in city water. The screen filters are not suitable for removing organic materials such as algae, mold and slime. These non-solid materials tend to embed themselves into the screen material where they are very difficult to remove. In other cases they simply slide through the holes in the screen by temporarily deforming their shape. Screen filters are cleaned by removing the cover and hand cleaning the screen.