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Ro-Drip Drip Tape to Lay Flat


The drip tape to lay flat adapter is used to connect the end of 5/8” drip tape with lay flat pipe using a special tool. To use this drip tape connector, turn the sleeve counter-clockwise, insert and push the drip tape over the barb and secure by turning the outer sleeve clockwise to go over the drip tape, ensuring a quality water-tight connection. Connect the other end to a lay flat pipe by first using the lay flat tool to cut a hole in the pipe and then inserting the lay flat side of the fitting by twisting it inside the lay flat pipe.

To be used with our T016 8 mil Ro-Drip tape. Ro-Drip tape is a much thinner walled product, 8 Mil compared to our other drip tape at 15 Mil.

  • The Drip Store's drip fittings are available in many configurations to meet all types off applications in the layout and installation of drip tape. The drip tape fittings use a sleeve assembly over a body with barb insert, allowing the user to install the many fittings that might be needed throughout the installation of the drip tape. The larger sleeve makes the drip tape fittings easier to install and tighten. An advanced sealing interface with a long barb provides guides for the drip tape to slide over the barb for a secure seal. Our drip tape fittings are made of high impact UV resistant plastic and can last for many years.